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Correct Option is Only 3

The 52nd Amendment Act of 1985 provided for the disqualification of the members of Parliament and the state legislatures on the ground of defection from one political party to another. It made changes to the Constitution and added a new Schedule (the Tenth Schedule) to the Constitution. This act is referred to as the ‘anti-defection law’. Parliament(Lok Sabha and Rajya sabha) and the state legislature(legislative assembly and legislative council). Advantages of the anti-defection law 1. It provides for greater stability in the body politic by checking the tendency of legislators to change parties. 2. It facilitates democratic realignment of parties in the legislature by way of merger of parties. 3. It reduces corruption at the political level as well as non-developmental expenditure incurred on irregular elections. 4. It gives constitutional recognition to the existence of political parties. Hence statements 1 and 2 are incorrect and statement 3 is correct.

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