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Correct Option is Both

In 1976, the Congress Party set up the Sardar Swaran Singh Committee to make recommendations about fundamental duties, the need and necessity of which was felt during the operation of the internal emergency 1975–1977. The committee recommended the inclusion of a separate chapter on fundamental duties in the Constitution. It stressed that the citizens should become conscious that in addition to the enjoyment of rights, they also have certain duties to perform as well. The Congress Government at Centre accepted these recommendations and enacted the 42nd Constitutional Amendment Act in 1976. This amendment added a new Part IVA to the Constitution. This new part consists of only one Article 51A. The Santhanam committee is credited with the creation of the central vigilance commission in 1964 which was conferred statutory status in 2003. Hence statement 1 is not correct. Japanese Constitution is the only democratic Constitution in the world which contains a list of duties of citizens. The socialist countries, on the contrary, gave equal importance to the fundamental rights and duties of their citizens. Hence statement 2 is not correct.

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