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Correct Option is Only (iii)

Solution:The correct choice is option (b).
For (i) refer to the second paragraph which mentions,” Issues around the federal structure, elections, and many others, all involve questions of power and accountability, and the longer that courts take to resolve such cases, the more we move from a realm of accountability to a realm of impunity.”
For (ii) refer to the first paragraph which mentions,” During the framing of the Indian Constitution, it was proposed that any petition alleging a breach of fundamental rights by the state ought to be judicially decided within one month”
For (iii) refer to second paragraph which mentions,” In this context, as 2021 draws to a close, a look at the Supreme Court of India’s docket reveals a host of highly significant constitutional cases that were long-pending when the year began, and are now simply a year older without any sign of resolution around the corner.”

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