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Correct Option is All (i), (ii) & (iii)

All the given statements are correct. Hence the correct choice is option (e).
For statement (i), refer to the first paragraph which mentions,” The government must ensure that even the last man sitting in the remote corner of the last row should have access to the benefits of the plan.”
For statement (ii), refer to third paragraph which mentions,” This was the law that brought about massive turning points such as the initiation of grama sabha, a three-tier Panchayati raj methodology of governance, reservation for the downtrodden and women, consistency in economic development, local body elections once in five years, the formation of the State Election Commission, Finance Commission, and the power to draft the rules and responsibilities of the Panchayat.”
For statement (iii), refer to the second paragraph which mentions,” With the advent of gram panchayat laws in 1920, people over 25 years of age were bestowed with the right to vote and choose their panchayat members.” 

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