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Correct Option is Only (i)

Solution:Among the given statements, only (i) is correct based on the information provided in the given passage. While the rest of the statements are incorrect with reference to the context of the given question.
For statement (i): Refer to the fifth line of the first paragraph, “While it is a known fact that establishing thermal plants would have a longer gestation period and leave a dark mark on the environment.”
For statement (ii): Refer to the starting line of the second paragraph, “The Tamil Nadu Generation and Distribution Corporation has the best-balanced electricity generation of 50% polluting energy and 50% non-polluting power, comprising wind, solar, gas, and hydro.”
For statement (iii): Refer to the sixth line of the third paragraph, “Tamil Nadu would switch to a no-coal policy after it reached surplus capacity in wind, solar and other renewable sources of energy.”

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