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Correct Option is Only (a) and (b)

Solution: Among the given options, only (a) and (b) are correct with reference to the information provided in the given passage. Whereas, option (c) is incorrect. Hence, option (d) is the right answer choice.
For statement (a): The fourth line of the first paragraph, “This presents a conundrum for fast-growing developing countries such as India. They need the carbon space to develop but they are also among the most vulnerable countries to climate change.”
For statement (b): The seventh line of the second paragraph, “Ambitious renewable energy targets, improvements in energy efficiency and fast penetration of electric vehicles are among India’s critical low-carbon objectives in the next decade.”
For statement (c): The seventh line of the third paragraph, “As the suite of mitigation technologies becomes more widely available and cheaper, all countries could achieve net-zero much earlier.”

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