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Correct Option is Only (iii) and (i)

Solution:The correct choice is option (d) i.e. both statement (i) and statement (iii) are correct with reference to the paragraph.
For (i) refer to the third paragraph which mentions,” Then they must record the timely initiation of complementary feeding with soft gruel. If this step is missed, growth faltering starts. And this is the critical period of growth that we cannot afford to compromise on.”
For falsity of statement (ii), refer to the last paragraph which mentions,” This depends on what parents can earn, and their purchasing capacity. So, it is important to monitor the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MANREGA) workdays as well as the wages earned in areas where droughts frequently recur; where there is mass migration; and where there is prevalence of high malnutrition.”
For (iii), refer to the first paragraph which mentions,” It is a national shame that even now, 35.5% of under-five children are stunted and 1 9.3% are wasted.”

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