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Correct Option is None of these

Solution:None of the given statements is incorrect. Hence, option (c) is the right answer choice.
For option (a): Refer to the fourth line of the second paragraph, “The relief amount proposed by the National Disaster Management Authority is to be paid out of the State Disaster Response Fund, which represents a dedicated facility to deal with notified disasters, including COVID-19; State authorities will create a people-friendly claims mechanism.”
For option (b): Refer to the first line of the third paragraph, “More challenging will be the issue of resolving cases where the medical certification of cause of death has not acknowledged it as COVID-19.”
For option (d) and (e): Refer to the fourth line of the third paragraph, “Also, the Centre must consider providing additional compensation in the future, treating COVID-19 on a par with other disasters such as cyclones, major accidents, building collapses and industrial mishaps, where the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund has been sanctioning ₹2 lakh for death and ₹50,000 for serious injury.”

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