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Correct Option is only 2

1. Communal Award in August 1932, Ramsay MacDonald, the British Prime Minister, announced a scheme of representation of the minorities, which came to be known as the Communal Award. Hence statement 1 is wrong. 2. The award not only continued separate electorates for the Muslims, Sikhs, Indian Christians, Anglo Indians and Europeans but also extended it to the depressed classes (scheduled castes). 3. Gandhiji was distressed over this extension of the principle of communal representation to the depressed classes and undertook fast unto death in Yeravada Jail (Poona) to get the award modified. In the end, there was an agreement between the leaders of the Congress and the depressed classes. The agreement known as Poona Pact retained the Hindu joint electorate and gave reserved seats to the depressed classes. Hence statement 2 is correct.

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