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Correct Option is recovering

Solution:Among the given words, only ‘recovering’ can be used to fill the given blank. The concerned sentence also states that the super-cyclone "Cyclone Amphan," which slammed India in 2020, cost more than USD8 billion at a time when the country was still recovering from the "June-October Monsoon Flooding," which cost USD5 billion and claimed the lives of about 1,600 people. Hence, option (c) is the right answer choice.
(a) mitigating- having the effect of making something bad less severe, serious, or painful.
(b) stimulating- encourage the development of or increased activity in (a state or process).
(c) recovering- return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.
(d) converging- (of a series) approximate in the sum of its terms towards a definite limit.

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