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Correct Option is C

By using the given information:
There is no lunch break between the working hours of the court house. The marriage process of each couple will take exactly one hour starting from 9am. There is no gap between end time of one marriage and start time of the next marriage.
It means the time period will be 9am to 10am, 10am to 11am and so on.
Only three couples are getting married before E gets married but he does not getting married to P, Q, and R. S is going to marry F but after 3pm. Only one couple is married between S and Q. We have two possible cases for that. Case1 and Case2.

A is getting married to V just before the one who is getting married to T. T is going to marry before E but he is not the first one to get married. V is not the first one to get married. The number of couples getting married between A and S is one more than the number of couples getting married between Q and C.Only one couple is getting married between P and R, who is not married after S. B is getting married to neither T nor Q and not after S. So, B is married to either P or R in case-2 and In case-1 B is married to R. C is not getting married to U. So C is married to W. G is married at last among the all males. Hence Case-2 will eliminated.

H is not getting married after E. P is not going to marry D. Now we have our final arrangements.

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