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Correct Option is B

The correct answer is option (e): (B) They are also hypersensitive to sensations such as human voices and facial expressions.
The correct sequence of the passage is: EDACB.
The first sentence is (E) since it introduces the topic of the passage which is ‘The Robot for Autism Behavioural Intervention program’.
The topic is followed by the purpose of the technology which is stated in the statement (D) so it becomes the second sentence.
Following the purpose is the practical usefulness of the robot amongst children which is explained in sentence (A) as the third in the sequence.
The fourth sentence would be (C) because it justifies the usefulness of the robot and explains why people with autism can benefit from it.
The fifth sentence is (B) as it adds onto the reasons (of statement C) of why people with autism are in need of this robot.

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