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Correct Option is Lord Minto II

Morley-Minto Reforms, 1909 1. It considerably increased the size of the legislative councils, both Central and provincial. The number of members in the Central Legislative Council was raised from 16 to 60. The number of members in the provincial legislative councils was not uniform. 2. It introduced a system of communal representation for Muslims by accepting the concept of ‘separate electorate’. Under this, the Muslim members were to be elected only by Muslim voters. Thus, the Act legalised communalism and Lord Minto came to be known as the Father of Communal Electorate. 3. The elected members were elected indirectly. The local bodies elected an electoral college who would elect members of the provincial legislative councils. These members would elect the members of the Central legislative council. The elected members were from the local bodies, the chambers of commerce, landlords, universities, traders’ communities and Muslims.

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