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Correct Option is Both a and c

Solution:As per the given conditions, B works after Wednesday. E works after B. C works just after E. F works on the third day of the week. G works after F. Two artists work between D and G. So, here we have the two possible cases i.e., case 1 and case 2. 5K is the least amount paid to any artists. The one who works on first day of the week gets 2k more than the one who gets the least amount.
The one who works on Tuesday gets 2k less than the one who works on Monday. E gets 3k more than the D. G gets the amount which is equal to the sum of the amounts which D and E get. B gets 1K less than G.Only C gets more amount of money than G which means C gets the highest amount of money. C gets less than 15K. So, case 2 gets eliminated here. F gets half the amount what B gets and works after A. So, the final arrangement is:

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