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Correct Option is M

Solution:N Sits to the immediate right of P who sits at extreme end but not in row 2. Person who is from Hyderabad sits 2nd to the left of the person who is from Delhi. R sits 2nd to the right of the person who is from Kanpur but not in row 3. Persons who are from Allahabad and Varanasi sit adjacent to each other but not in row 1. No one sits to the right of M who is neither from Delhi nor from Varanasi. Here, we get two possibilities i.e., Case 1 and Case 2.
S who is from Jhansi sits immediate right of T. O is not from Delhi and Lucknow. Q sits adjacent to the person who is from Kolkata. Here, Case 1 is ruled out. So, the final arrangement will be: -

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