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Correct Option is S

Solution:Four persons sit between L and her son. L sits at one of the extreme ends of the row. M is granddaughter of L and sits second to the right of L. Three persons sit between M and Sister-in-law of M. P is nephew of S who is brother-in-law of O. N has only one child. There are two possibilities.
Q is daughter in law of R who is sister of S. Both M and S are unmarried. Now first we complete the family tree then continue with further information.R sits third to the left of Q. Both children of R is immediate neighbour of R and face the same direction. N sits third to the right of P. S is not an immediate neighbour of Q. The persons who sit extreme end facing the opposite direction. The grandfather of P does not face north. Hence Case-2 will be eliminated. No two persons who are facing the same direction are sitting together.

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