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Correct Option is Both (a) and (b)

From the given statements, A3 lives on one of the floors above C3. Three persons live on the floor in which A3 lives. There is no flat to the east of A3. C3 lives just below the vacant flat. It means A3 lives on the third floor in the third flat and the vacant flat is on second floor. B2 lives in an even numbered flat. Only two persons lives on the floor on which B2 lives. It means B2 lives on second floor in the second flat. Here we have 2 possible cases.

B1 lives just above C1 who lives on the floor in which no floor is vacant. B1 and C1 lives on the same flat. A1 lives on the flat which to the west of A2.

The flat which is just below A1 is not vacant. Here Case 2 is ruled out now. So, the final arrangement is-

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