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Correct Option is Ambala

From the given statemnts, A is sitting third to left of J. Three person sits between A and one who belongs to Ambala. I belongs to Jhajjar. There is only one person sits between I and J. I sits at one of the corner of rectangular table. H belongs to Hisar and sits one of the corners. G belongs to Panchkula and sits second to right of H. From the given conditions, there will be four possibilities.

There is three persons sits between persons who belongs to Ambala and Bhiwani. B belongs to Bhiwani. By this case-1 and 2 will be cancelled. Now, there is only one person sits between one who belongs to Ambala and Faridabad. E belongs to Faridabad. E does not sit corner of the rectangular table.
Now, the person who belongs to Fatehabad sits second to left of one who belongs to Faridabad. By this case 3 get eliminated. There are two persons sit between one who belong to Fatehabad and Gurugram. C sits immediate right of D. Neither C nor D belongs to Ambala. D belongs to Karnal and sits adjacent to F. So, the final arrangement will be-

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