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Correct Option is 1 Only

Supreme Court has ordered the demolition of illegal flats in Maradu, Kochi that violate coastal regulation zone norms and ordered the Kerala state government to give each flat owner Rs 25 lakh as interim compensation. The case of the demolition of more than 300 flats in Kerala’s Kochi for flouting the Coastal Regulation Zone (CRZ) guidelines dates back to 2006 and the issue came to the Supreme Court in 2016. These flats were built on the banks of backwaters in Kochi’s bustling Maradu suburbs. The complexes have 357 flats and at least 1,500 people moved here in the last eight years. The Kerala State Coastal Zone Management Authority (KSCZMA) moved the top court in 2016, saying five buildings—four occupied and one under construction—came close to the backwaters violating CRZ III norms. According to CRZ III, if an area is notified it should be relatively undisturbed and untouched. In CRZ-III area, no construction is allowed within 200 metres from the coast. In May this year, the SC ordered the demolition of 357 waterfront flats saying they violated CRZ norms. In September, it pulled up the state for not implementing its order and gave an ultimatum.

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