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Correct Option is 2 only

A push by Australia and France to create a massive ocean sanctuary in east Antarctica is in doubt as nations meet in Hobart to discuss the plans, with China and Russia opposing. CCAMLR is an international commission with 26 Members (India being one of them), and a further 10 countries have acceded to the Convention. CCAMLR was established by international convention in 1982. This was in response to increasing commercial interest in Antarctic krill resources, a keystone component of the Antarctic ecosystem and a history of over-exploitation of several other marine resources. Its objective is to conserve Antarctic marine life. Secretariat: Hobart, Australia. East Antarctic Marine Protected Areas (MPA):in 2010, Australia, France and the European Union proposed the creation of an East Antarctic marine park to protect one million of ocean by creating a massive ocean sanctuary in east Antarctica. But China and Russia have repeatedly blocked the proposal at meetings of CCAMLR. All 26 members of the organisation must consent to the marine park’s creation. It has previously established other major ocean Antarctic sanctuaries — including the world’s largest spanning 1.55 million in the Ross Sea — but governments and environmental groups say more action is needed to protect the last pristine continent.

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