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Correct Option is 1 and 2

"Statement 1 is not correct: The chairman and members of the Commission hold office for a term of six years or until they attain the age p! 65 years, whichever is earlier. However, they can relinquish their offices at any time by addressing their resignation to the president. Statement 2 is not correct: President needs to consult SC only in the case of misbehavior. The President can remove the chairman or any other member of UPSC from the office under the following circumstances: (a) If he is adjudged an insolvent (that is, has gone bankrupt); (b) If he engages, during his term of office, in any paid employment outside the duties of his office; or (c) If he is, in the opinion of the president, unfit to continue in office by reason of infirmity of mind or body.ln addition to these, the president can also remove the chairman or any other member of UPSC for misbehavior. President has to refer the matter to the Supreme Court for an inquiry. If the Supreme Court, after the inquiry, upholds the cause of removal and advises so, the president can remove the chairman or a member. Under the provisions of the Constitution, the advice tendered by the Supreme Court in this regard binding on the president. Statement 3 is correct: It is consulted, not mandatorily, on all matters relating to methods of recruitment to civil services and for civil posts "

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