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Correct Option is 3 only

"Statement I is not correct: It is concerned with the recruitment to the all-India services and Central services—group A and group B and advises the government, when consulted, on promotion and disciplinary matters. It is not concerned with the classification of services, pays and service conditions, cadre management, training, etc which is managed by the Department of Personnel and Training of Government of India. Statement 2 is not correct: The UPSC presents, annually, to the President a report on its performance. The President places this report before both the Houses of Parliament, along with a memorandum explaining the cases where the advice of the Commission was not accepted and the reasons for such non- acceptance. Statement 3 is correct: The additional functions relating to the services of the Union can be conferred on UPSC by the Parliament. It can also place the personnel system of any authority, corporate body, or public institution within the jurisdiction of the UPSC. Hence the jurisdiction of UPSC can be extended by an Act made by the Parliament. "

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