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Correct Option is U, E

Solution:By using given conditions, S is a female member of the family and is not married to Q and T. B is married to O. M is not female. Y is a father of D, who is not a child of S. R’s and O’s gender is same. G is a child of Z. U is a female member. So, it is clear the male members of the family are- Q, T, M, Y, and B. Female members of the family are- S, U, O, R and Z. G is the youngest one and the child of Z. Q is not married with R and U. There is only possibility Z is the wife of Q and the age of G is 5 years. Hence M is the husband of S.
(ii)- T’s child age is 12. E is not child of T and likes red colour. That means E is either child of M or B.There are two possible cases.

(iii)- Difference between the ages of U’s child and M’s child is not less than 10. Neither S’s child nor U’s child is 18 years old. M’s child is older than R’s child. In case-1 and in case-2, there is only possibility U is the wife of Y and R is the wife of T. In both cases the age of U’s Child is 7 years and age of M’s child is 21. Hence the age of B’ child is 18 years. C’s age is not an even number. By using this condition case-2 will be eliminated. In case-1 C is the child of M and F is the child of R. The one who likes blue colour 2 years younger than the one who likes yellow colour. Hence G likes blue colour and D likes Yellow colour. One of them whose age is an odd number likes pink colour. That means C likes pink colour and F likes Green colour. The final arrangement is-

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