All India Mains Test Series

An intense, UPSC standard year long test series to keep your preparation on track!

Why this course can make you crack Mains?

Best quality Current Affairs videos

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More than 50 hours of videos of Current Affairs extremely important for Prelims 2019

Mock tests

30 UPSC level full length mock tests, with explanations

What will be covered?

Current Affairs Videos

Get the most important topics for 2019 Mains in 50 hours of video lectures

30 Mock Tests

Prepare for exam like never before by attempting 30 full length mock tests

What do you get from this course?

Course content

30 Tests, going upto 10 days before Prelims

Full syllabus tests every week after prelims

Recommended resources to bridge the gaps

Schedule & mentorship

Explanation live class

Solutions and hints

Digitally available

Access of content on website, pendrive and mobile app

Practice Test

Partial Tests till prelims every alternate week

This course is available for free:

Rs. 21,000/-

(Exclusive of GST)

This course is available for free:

Rs. 21,000/-

(Exclusive of GST)

Here are some frequently answered questions

Tests will be conducted every Sunday. They will alternate between Prelims and Mains test on alternate Sunday. So, if you are enrolling for any one test series, you will have a test in every 2 weeks.

The tests you will miss will be provided to you in form of question papers and hints to the answers. You will also get access to the explanation classes for online viewing.

Yes. All the tests will be time bound.

It will the suggested readings to fill the gaps in the weak areas on the basis of your test performance. It will help you manage a well rounded preparation by the end of the test series.

For Prelims, you will get your results immediately. For Mains, you will get answer books within next 1 week.

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