Every year many candidates prepare for UPSC civil services examination, but there are only a few of them who are able to clear the prestigious exam, and that too with a good rank. The same happens with Ganga Singh, a boy whose hard work was worth it as he was able to clear the UPSC exam in his two attempts. Ganga gave his exams using the language Hindi as a medium of communication. Read on to know more about IAS Ganga Singh’s mark sheet, his age, education, posting, family, town, etc.

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IAS Ganga Singh’s Wiki

  • Name: Ganga Singh
  • Age: 23
  • Home Town: Rajasthan
  • Medium: Hindi
  • Total No. of Attempts: 2
  • Rank: AIR 33
  • Roll No.: 78265
  • Optional Subject: Hindi Literature

IAS Ganga Singh’s Early Life

Ganga is a small-town boy who had a passion & dedication to follow his dreams. He used to live in Barmer, a small district in Rajasthan with his family. While he was doing his graduation, his parents suggested he prepare for UPSC, especially his grandfather who gave him the suggestion to join civil services. When he was in the final year of his graduation, he decided to take their suggestion to go further in civil services.

He started his preparation by reading some NCERTs and making notes from them. While he was preparing for CSE he also followed the interviews of other civil services toppers to get an idea about the exam interview pattern. Then he finally attempted for civil services by the thought that it will provide him with a comprehensive platform to render his efforts

Singh’s Educational Journey

He topped the school in the 10th standard with 76%. Then he took science in his 12th standard and completed his schooling from Jalore. This time again he proved himself, by securing the 6th position all over the district & topping the school. After every obstacle he proved himself. After completing his schooling he chooses to do B.Sc. for his graduation & to pursue B.Sc. he came to Jodhpur.

He completed his graduation from Jai Narain Vyas University, Jodhpur with a good percentage of 76%. He further pursues his studies in M.A. (Hindi Literature). He completed his masters from a very well-known university i.e. Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), New Delhi

Ganga Singh’s IAS Marksheet and Rank

He secured good marks in prelims as well as in mains that’s why he was able to clear the exam.

Prelims Marks:

  • Paper 1: 145.34
  • Paper 2: 111.68

Main Examination Marks:

  • He secured a total of 1061 marks. Ganga Singh ranked 33 and became a national topper.

His mains marks are given below.

Detailed Composition of Ganga Singh’s Mains Marks

Mandatory/ Compulsory Paper

  • Essay: 157
  • General Studies 1: 119
  • General Studies 2: 83
  • General Studies 3: 107
  • General Studies 4: 108

Optional Papers

  • Optional Paper 1: 156
  • Optional Paper 2: 159
  • Written Total: 889
  • Interview/ Personality Test: 172
  • Total Marks: 1061

Ganga Singh’s Strategy Advises

As in prelims, the comprehension portion of the exam is becoming tougher & lengthier also. Many candidates were not able to finish the exam on time as well.

  • Do not leave any section entirely blank in the paper. At least give an attempt & try to write something related or relevant according to the question.
  • Do not act over smart while you were in the exam hall. Read every passage twice, understand it properly, and then start attempting the question.
  • Firstly attempt all those questions which you were sure about. Attempt those questions which you have maximum clarity in your mind.
  • The important thing is patience, so be patient even after you were not able to solve some questions. Remain calm and focus on other questions. Do not waste your time just because of a single question. Move forward & attempt other questions.
  • Next, while you were preparing for prelims, then focus on mathematics, logical reasoning & comprehension.

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For aspirants, their mental and emotional health is the most fragile. They work so strenuously for a goal that they might not be able to achieve. This kind of uncertainty plays heavily on their mind. Thus, Ganga Singh’s success story works wonders in motivating these aspirants.

When they see cases of people being able to achieve their dreams without having any kind of privilege that could aid them in the process, a new hope rises within them. Every successful person goes through a lot of hardships to get where they are. Hard work will always pay, irrespective. Thus you should not give up and keep working hard.

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