The citizens of our country, India are categorized based on their social reputation and their lifestyle according to the central government of our nation. Hence, these locals are subjected to a population below the poverty chain.

These locals are usually subjected as citizens who are categorized according to their financial as well as their social reputation.

On the other hand, they are SEBC citizens which represent the Socially and Economically Backward Classes. These are the people who are financially backward and who don’t have the freedom to do certain things as other ordinary people do.

Understand in Detail

According to the Central Government of our country, India, some residents of our country are categorized based on their financial status and their way of living and by that means, these citizens are termed as people below the poverty line.

These people are frequently termed as citizens who are categorized based on their social as well as their financial status. And they are SEBC citizens which indicates the Socially and Economically Backward Classes.

These people are financially backward and don’t have the freedom to rejoice in certain things as other ordinary people do. They are also addressed as the Socially and Economically Backward Communities (SEBC)

These residents are the ones who live in our community and are unfilled of all the several happiness that they could have rejoiced otherwise. So, let’s have a look deep down the sea of various SEBC categories that comprise our community to acknowledge more about them.

Are SEBC and OBC Same for UPSC?

They are still people who believe that SEBC and OBC are apparently the same things. The clear answer is ‘No’. SEBC indicating the Socially and Economically Backward Classes or Communities, consist of a list submitted by the State Government of the nation for citizens referring to the backward compartments of the country.

On the other hand, OBC, indicating Other Backward Classes, consist of a list submitted by the Central Government, for citizens relating to the backward compartments of the country.

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SEBC and OBC Certificate

Caste Certificates (SEBC or OBC)  are very essential for all citizens in today’s life. An individual must avail of this certificate for preference in jobs any future requirement.

These are the certificates that can benefit a person in contributing the reservation allowance in the various government employment and in order to assist a person to get wonderful promotions in the State Government.

These certificates of SEBC or OBC are often given to people who belong to the SC or ST divisions, that is the Scheduled castes and Scheduled tribes class.

A SEBC and OBC caste certificate is required for UPSC and PSC exams. They ask for the certificate while enrolling in the prelims exam.

In order to achieve this SEBC or OBC caste certificate, an individual has to provide various documents to the respective office.

Required Documents

Here is the list of essential documents required to be submitted .

#1 Application form

#2 Proof of address

#3 A duplicate copy of the Birth certificate

#4 A duplicate copy of the Ration card

#5 A duplicate copy of the Income Certificate

#6 A duplicate copy of Voter ID card or Electoral roll

#7 A duplicate copy of Aadhaar Card

#8 Passport size photograph

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SEBC Reservation

In the year 1979, considerable changes came to being when the SEBC was defined. The Socially and Economically Backward Classes Commission (SEBC) that was organized to help not the educational and socially as well as financially backward categories in India.

In various states, like Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra,  there are distinct percentages for the SEBC, like in Tamil Nadu, the SEBC population is extended to 20%, whereas in Maharashtra, it is 20%.

In the year 2019, according to the Indian Constitution Bill, it was interpreted that all people whose income or the entire family income is below 8 lakh per annum are supposed to be under the section of the financially weaker categories of the nation that is the SEBC and OBC.

For these people, of SEBC or OBC a little reservation has been made by the Government of our nation in a few areas of education and jobs.

SEBC Categories

Here is the list of SEBC categories of Kerala state .

#1 Kudumb

#2 Muslims (all sections following Islam )

#3 Latin Catholics other than Anglo-Indian

#4 Ezhava including Izhuvan, Ezhavas, Ishuvan, Illuvan, Thiyyasand Billava

#5 Other Backward Christians

SEBC Hindu Category

#1 Yadava including Ayar, Mayar, Kolaya, Eruman, Kolaries and Golla.

#2 Chakkamar

#3 Mogers of KasaragodTaluk

#4 Maratis of HosdurgTaluk

#5 Vakkaliga

#6 Vaduvan (Vadugan)

#7 VeeraSaivas(Pandaram, Vairavi, Vairagi, YogeeswarMatapathi and Yogi)

#8 Veluthedathu Nair including Vannathan, Veluthedan and Rajaka

#9 Vilakkithala Nair including, Nusuvan,, Pranopakari, Vilakkathalavan, Pandithar and Ambattan.

#10 Vaniya including Vanika, VanikaVaisya, VaisyaChetty, VanibhaChetty, AyiravarNagarathar, Vaniyan

#11 Tholkolan

#12 Thottiyan

#13 Uppara (Sagara)

#14 Ural Goundan

#15 Valaiyan

#16 VadaBalija

#17 Rajapuri

#18 Sakravar (Kavathi)

#19 Senalthalaivar, Elavania, Senaikudayam

#20 Sadhu Chetty including Telugu Chetty or 24 Manai Telugu Chetty and WynadanChetty

#21 Palli

#22 Panniyar or Pannayar

#23 Parkavakulam (Surithiman, Malayaman, Nathaman, Moopanar and Nainar)

#24 Panniyar or Pannayar

#25 Parkavakulam (Surithiman, Malayaman, Nathaman, Moopanar and Nainar)

More SEBC Hindu Categories in Kerela

#1 Melakudi (Kudiyan)

#2 Mogaveera

#3 Moili

#4 Mukhari

#5 Modibanda

#6 Muvari

#7 Moniagar

#8 Naickenincluding TholuvaNaicker and VettilakkaraNaicker

#9 Padyachi

#10 Kavuthiyan

#11 Kavudiyaru

#12 Kelasi or KalasiPanicker

#13 KoppalaVelamas

#14 Krishnanvaka

#15 Kuruba

#16 Kurumba

#17 Maravan (Maravar)

#18 Madivala

#19 Maruthuvar

#20 Mahratta (Non-Brahman)

#21 Kusavan including  Kulala, Kumbaran, Odan, Oudan (Donga) Odda (Vodda or Vadde or Veddai), Velaan, Andhra Nair, Anthuru Nair

#22 Kalavanthula

#23 Kallan including IsanattuKallar

#24 Kabera

#25 Korachas

#26 Kammalas including Viswakarmala, Karuvan, Kamsalas, Viswakarmas, Padikammala, MalayalKammala, Kannan, Moosari, Kalthachan, Kallasari, Perumkollen, Kollan, Thattan, Pandithattan, Thachan, Asari, Villasan, Vilkurup, Viswabrahmins, Kitara, Chaptegara

#27 Kannadiyans

#28 Hegde

#29 Hindu Nadar

#30 Idiga including Settibalija

#31 Jangam

#32 Jogi

#33 Jhetty

#34 Kanisu or Kaniyar-Panicker, Kaniyan, Kanisan, Kannian, Ganaga

#35 Kalarikurup

Some More SEBC Hindu Categories In Kerela

#1 Kerala Muthali

#2 Chekkala (Chekkala Nair)

#3 Devadiga

#4 Ezhavathi

#5 Ezhuthachan, Kadupattan

#6 Gudigara

#7 Galada Konkani

#8 GanjamReddies

#9 Gatti

#10 Gowda

#11 Ganika including Nagavamsom

#12 Agasa

#13 Arayas including Valan, Mukkuvan, Mukaya, Mogayan, Arayan, Bovies, Kharvi, Nulayan, and Arayavathi

#14 Aremahrati

#15 Arya including Dheevara, Devanga, Kaikolan  Pattarya, Saliyas Padmasali, Pattusali, Thogatta, Karanibhakatula, Senapathula, Sali, Sale, Karikalabhakula, Chaliya, Sourashtra, Khatri, Patnukaram, Illathupillai, IllaVellalar, Illathar.

#16 Bestha

#17 Bhandari or Bhondari

#18 Boya

#19 Boyan

#20 Chavalakkaran

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Expecting that the above helped you clear your confusion about SEBC and OBC for UPSC. Note the important points required for SEBC and let us know in the comment section below how this article helped you and made your work easy.

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