If it’s easy, there’s nothing to fear; if it’s hard, it’s not impossible. Students have a predetermined target to crack big exams like IIT-JEE, AIEEE, and NEET, there are a few who aspire to join Civil Services, and for some, there are still dilemmas. If you fall in the third category, it’s your time to hit the target, perhaps by fluke. Indian people believe that Science scholars are better than others; this is just a myth, nothing else. Here are the Best Career Options after 12th Science PCM that you can follow to outshine other students with PCM.            

Advice is free, and what every second Person would suggest you with is “Go for Engineering. It has a bright future.”

Career Choices for Science Students

Every PCM student aspires to be an engineer because, according to their wards, it is the only promising career option their kids have. It’s the highly glorified career path (or the exaggerated) by every so-called “Expert” that kids are often drawn to engineering courses for no reason and without interests.

Career options change with trends and time; nothing remains the same. If you apply the scientific theories in real life, you would easily understand that the only thing that remains constant is time, nothing else. Many career options go beyond engineering. You just have to explore the possibilities and need to research further.

Not every science student is aware that there are several courses after 12th that you can pursue as a reliable and more beneficial career option. Even famous personalities like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam is one of those science scholars who believed in his skills, not someone’s advice.

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What Career Options are Suitable for PCM Students after 12th?

There are several modern and conventional courses after 12th you can opt to excel in your field. These courses are most beneficial, industry-oriented, and highly fruitful for anyone dedicatedly invested in studies.

 Myths about PCM Students Studying Engineering

Only engineers can earn a high salary, and a high-salary means a successful life. If you have such a mindset, please keep reading this article because it’s just what you need right now.

  1. IPS (Indian Police Service) Officer 

When someone hears about an IPS officer (UPSC) or commonly known as Civil Services, they perceive a highly reputed persona with an excellent IQ. But a few can barely think of what it requires to be designated as an IPS Officer.

The first criterion to be eligible for this exam is to have a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Most importantly, a bachelor’s degree can be of 1-year, 2-year, 3-year, or 4-year duration.

To be able to crack this exam, you certainly need to have skills and knowledge about your subjects and the studies you have completed in the past. You don’t have to be an engineer, a doctor, or a social studies scholar to be able to crack this exam. All you need is to focus on whatever you have studied.

Privileges of an IPS Officer

In India, IPS officers work as a Senior Police officer. They are in charge of maintaining public peace, offer security to the VIPs, control crimes, tackle terrorist activities, collect intelligence, and investigate crimes.

Roles Undertaken by an IPS Officer

  • Assistant Commissioner
  • Deputy Commissioner
  • Special Commissioner
  • Deputy Inspector General (Central Government)
  • Inspector General (Central Government)
  • Additional Director (Central Government)

 Monthly Salary

Approximately Rs. 56,100 per month to Rs. 2,25,000 per month.


  • A rent-free bungalow
  • Security Guards
  • Domestic Help
  • Officer-level authority
  • Lifetime Pension
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Official Vehicle for conveyance
  • Free phone calls and electricity facilities.
  1. IAS (Indian Administrative Service) Officer

Similar to IPS, the IAS exam is also conducted by UPSC and has similar education qualification criteria. The highest educational qualification required for Indian Administrative Services is graduation in any stream, whether it’s a 1-year or 5-year degree.

It’s a lucrative career option you can pursue after completing your 12th Board exams. You can also apply for this exam while studying in the final year exams of your graduation. Here are some roles of an IAS Officer.

Different Roles of an IAS Officer

  • Sub Divisional Officer
  • Divisional Commissioner
  • District Magistrate
  • District Collector
  • Chief Secretary
  • Cabinet Secretary

Privileges are given to an IAS Officer

An IAS officer has similar privileges as an IPS officer and holds special powers over Police and the administrative personnel to maintain peace, law, and order in the regions they are posted in.

Monthly Salary

The monthly salary starts from Rs.56, 100/- per month, which then progresses to Rs. 2, 50, 000 per month with respect to time.


  • A rent-free duplex bungalow (with security guards) in VVIP area of the state
  • Service Quarter in the region of posting (with security guards)
  • Transportation (1-3 vehicles)
  • Security Guards (3 home guards and 2 bodyguards)
  • Domestic Help
  • Lifetime Pension and retirement benefits
  • Free Calls and electricity
  1. Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.)

B.Arch. is one of the easiest courses after 12th you can pursue to get a bachelor’s degree. It’s a 5-year degree program, which is also considered one of many students’ best options. This course teaches you about the Science of construction of buildings by employing correct structural planning.

To be able to apply for this course, you need to have at least 50% marks in your class 12th board examination. The best part is that you can apply for any government job after completing your graduation and can even apply for IAS and IPS exams.

  1. Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P. Ed)

Bachelor of Physical Education is a 1-year degree course after 12th you can pursue after finishing your board exams. This course is specifically made for students with an interest in sports and physical education.

However, the main thing to note is you can complete graduation within a year. Once completed your degree program, you are eligible to apply for government sector jobs, including UPSC IAS and IPS exams.


Now you must have known that engineering is not the only option for PCM students, and a higher salary doesn’t always mean a successful career. There are numerous other options where you can excel and show your skills. One of the most prestigious and promising career options is UPSC. Sky is the limit, and if someone tells you to go for engineering after 12th with PCM, you need to have your answers ready.

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