Taking decisions about a career is one of the hardest decisions in life because the decision about choosing a career changes the whole life thaw why one should be careful while making these decisions. After 12th as a student of PCB one can go for NEET exams or AIIMS exams or many more and if a student does not want to go for these entrance exams then as a Biology student they can go for studies like Botany, Microbiology, Zoology, Biochemistry, Genetics, physiology, Environmental science, Agriculture and many more.

Students can also move into design, mass media & communication, interior design, etc. many students can go for various government exams like IAS, UPSC, IPS, RPSC, etc. (Kaur, and Gulati, 2020). Government jobs are the best career options for students looking for job security.

PCB Career Options Except Medical

  • Botany: Biology branch that deals with the study of structures of plants, growth, their structures, etc. with this degree one can work as a professor, nursery manager, taxonomist, environment consultant, etc.
  • Food and Agriculture: It consists of various domains related to understanding the chemical & biological processes that will be affecting plants and food production. Using this one can become the animal nutritionist, food technologist, agriculture manager, soil scientist, etc.
  • Biotechnology: It is the combination of technology and biology. Using this, one can go into pharmaceuticals, genetics, and clinical research and healthcare (StarsUnfolded, 2020).
  • Environmental science:  It involves the study of biological, physical, and chemical components & their interaction in the environment.

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High Salary Courses after 12th Science PCB

There are various high salary options for PCB student like:

  • Dermatologist:  Basically dermatology deals with skin disorders and skin diseases. It also deals with hair nail disease and scalp. The minimum salary package for a dermatologist is 6 LPA or more.
  • Podiatrist: They are the specialist of the movement & ankle. They deal with issues of legs and their movement. The salary package is 8 LPA and above (ExamStocks, 2020).
  • Psychiatrist: They are a speciality holder in treating and diagnosing mental illnesses. The minimum expected salary is 12 LPA and more based on the experience.
  • Veterinarian: A veterinarian is someone who tends to animal wounds and illnesses. The veterinarian can easily earn up to 10-20 LPA based on their experience.
  • Cardiologist: They are doctors who have specialized their degrees in Cardiology. They diagnose and treat heart-related issues.
  • Forensic Scientist: They deal with crime investigation that includes data acquisition and analysis of the crime scene, criminal identification, and investigation. They can earn up to 8-10 LPA.

Government Jobs After 12th PCB

If some students do not want to go for jobs in the PCB field then they can go for government jobs. There are various vacancies in defence, railways, banking, etc.  When talking about government jobs then there are various kinds of jobs based on levels of work. One can apply for jobs like SSC, RRB NTPC, SSC GD, Stenographer, UPSC, NDA, IAS, IPS, RPSC, etc. just after the 12th. 18+ is the minimum age limit for appearing in government jobs.

For getting updates about the government jobs one can visit “www.examstaocks.com”. Government job openings are based on the pay scale, age limit, qualifications, vacancies, and process of selection. IAS is an A-grade job and there are various government jobs in which the salary package is very good and few of them are:-

  • IFS (Indian foreign services) Officers: These officers are selected via UPSC exams, and they are given the responsibility of representing India in various countries.  The salary at the beginning is 4000 to 5500 US dollars (Kaur, and Gulati, 2020).
  • IPS and IAS: Most honourable job to serve the nation with the initial salary package is 50, 000 rupees.
  • Defence Services: Various defence services are there like NDA, SSB, CDS, Merchant navy, AFCAT, etc. and start their pay from 50, 000 to 60, 000 rupees.
  • RBI Grade-B: When someone wants to work in the banking sector then being an RBI offer is the best opportunity. The estimated CTC is 18 LPA approximately.
  • Indian Forest Officers: These officers have to work in forestry & wildlife. This exam is conducted by UPSC. Minimum entry package is 52,000 per month.
  • SSC: It includes job roles for DSP, ETO, tehsildar, SDM, etc. The basic salary is from 30,000 to 45,000 rupees.
  • Government Teachers: If someone wants to be a teacher then they can go work with government schools or government-affiliated schools. The starting pay of a government school teacher is 40,000 rupees.

For preparing for the government jobs students need to prepare for entrance exams. To prepare for the UPSC exams, students need to have proper information about the exams and the syllabus along with a mentor to guide them along the way.


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