Students often wonder what CSAT is in UPSC? Let us simply break it down for you.

Civil Services Aptitude Test (CSAT) is a compulsory part of the Civil Services Examination and plays an important factor in qualifying students for the main examinations. The paper focuses on testing a candidate’s reasoning ability, analytical skills, and aptitude.

Ahead of 2015, the CSAT paper did not hold off enough weightage, but the recent developments and revision have rather increased its importance and value by the Union Public Service Commission of India.

However, a benefit that comes to students is the marks of General Studies Paper 1 are taken into consideration that determines the passing of a candidate. The passing score of the General Studies-2 paper is at a minimal 3%, but it is always better to prepare for the best and try to score higher marks, as that could increase overall grades and aid clearing in the UPSC prelims.

A Complete Overhaul in Learning Formats 

The way students prepare for UPSC examinations has changed considerably, and a lot has moved to an online format, with e-books, websites, online study material and even video materials for better understanding and learning.

In the current times of the pandemic, when physical coaching classes are far away from taking place, a student must opt for online modules to keep preparation going without losing any significant time and faring exams with flying colours.

With many websites dedicated to students preparing for the competitive exam, there is something out there for every student who can opt for a completely personalised learning experience.

Now that we have CSAT explained let’s look at the best strategies and websites that can help in good preparation-

Best Website for UPSC CSAT Preparation

Here is a list of some websites that you must consider using when studying for CSAT-

#1. Clear IAS

The website follows a test-based approach to prepare students for IAS exams, and even CSAT in particular. Upon signing up on the platform, a student receives guidance, study material, mock exams, and books. With an easy to download and refer to PDF formats, students can take their own time to prepare for subjects and select the modules accordingly.

Dedicated interview programs also help prepare students for better communication and grooming when they appear in selection rounds.

#2. Clear IAS Exam

This website looks at providing real-time solutions and preparation for IAS aspirants. Whether you are looking for a CSAT strategy for upsc or preparing for the mains, there are modules and subjects with dedicated high-quality material gearing up students to prepare and perform individually.

With more than 3,00,000+ registered students, this platform has been trusted and used in the past by toppers who swear by the modules and preparation tactics.

#3. Insights on India

The platform has a feedback-based approach for students who are preparing for IAS exams. Their dedicated resources and mentors provide a personalised way of teaching and enable a student with feedback upon their mock exams and module preparations.

Designed as closely as physical classes, students must not worry about losing out on coaching classes. The announcements and article section is updated regularly so that students could look at the recent developments and prepare accordingly and stay up to date.

#4. IAS Baba

With about 2 million active users on the platform, they offer complete preparation by getting students to get into the habit of practising writing answers. A sign of good preparation comes from writing answers in an apt manner, including all points, and doing so with precision.

A number of UPSC rank holders have made use of the modules and mock tests available on the website and have strongly recommended using this platform to firm up preparations.

#5. Unacademy

With over 16.1K courses targeted at CSAT, Unacademy offers study trackers, real-time monitoring that help evaluate performance individually with your coach. These bi-weekly assessments and feedback help you set in the right direction for preparations and have answers to your question on how to prepare for upsc CSAT paper 2? Sign up on the platform, get a personal coach and start studying to become the next IAS officer you dreamed of.

#6. UPSC Pathshala

Take a free demo on the platform to see the modules, source plans and mentors who would be able to guide you through the exam preparations with relevant study material. To aid the learning process, they also offer video lectures that cover the complete CSAT syllabus, including current affairs for your prelims and mains.

They further firm up preparations by leaving post-lecture tests for you to evaluate and test your learning, perhaps suited as the best website for upsc CSAT preparation. This method helps you understand the lessons you are through with and where you may need another round of learning.

#7. Byjus

Byju’s has fast become India’s most popular edutech platform ranging from school students to prepare for competitive exams like the IAS. The personalised learning platform offers custom made learning programs and offers unmatched individual attention to each student.

If you are looking to prepare extensively for a platform CSAT preparation for upsc, sign up for their upsc prelims module, and receive a high-quality education from designated professors. Also offering prelims complete test series, check your knowledge and understanding of the syllabus, and self-evaluate.


So, these were a few websites that you can refer to for UPSC preparation. Also, if you want to keep reading about UPSC IAS preparation-related contents, stay in touch with UPSC Pathshala.

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Best Website for UPSC CSAT Preparation: Take Your Preparations a Notch Higher
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