CSAT is an examination of G.S paper 2 under Prelims. It comprises comprehension, analysis, logic, reasoning etc. For this exam, you need to focus on General Science. It consumes comparatively lesser time than other exams because you need only 33% scoring to clear it. You need not give your whole time to preparing for it. It is something that needs to be prepared wisely with effective time management. You must have an adequate revision, motivation, proper relaxation and extreme steadiness. You have to give proper time to it in weeks or regularly with much concentration. You must be deliberately concentrated to work in the right direction in order to crack UPSC. The one who will gain every outlook of it will be able to get it in the end.

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Techniques for CSAT

All the candidates aspiring for UPSC should focus on certain points to clear it rather than just being a bookish worm. You need to emphasize studies as well as other positive things. A wise man succeeds in approaching what he wants. It is not about just cracking the exam but it is also about developing your personality to be able to serve the county. The laws and orders can only be applied when you are scrupulous and honest with yourself. The question paper is easy but could not be underestimated because it gives steps to go ahead in the exam. There are techniques to win over it which are given below.

#1. Self Evaluation

The initial stage of scoring good marks or cracking any examination is self-assessment. You must first judge yourself on every point and start focusing on the weakest aspects and make time to get perfect in the strong fields. This evaluation will prove to be quite beneficial for your examination. It will show you your real set of preparation and how long you must go to accomplish it. You should get the previous year’s papers and solve them to see your preparation level. It will give you a clear idea of what you should work on and how. This will help you in every way possible and you will come out to be better and more knowledgeable than before.

#2. Time Management

Time is the strongest power in the universe. If everything is done on time then the results that come out will be polished and perfect. You must focus on your time management and give time to the subjects and fields accordingly. If there will be wastage of time or it will not be managed wisely for everything then surely the outcomes will not come in your favour. You must give more time to the weaker sections of your study and should balance time for revisions and other untouched areas.

#3. Take CSAT Seriously

Candidates do not take this exam seriously and think that only 33% could be easily taken. They strive to focus on the main exams and do not give it much focus and time. It should be given more concentration. It will push you to make your overall growth stronger which will ultimately influence your coming interview. Many candidates fail it because of a lesser emphasis on the syllabus. You must think to pass in all the papers with more than just satisfactory marks and for the same you have to give time and energy to every paper according to its need and marking criteria.

#4. Get CSAT Comprehension Manual

Manuals will help you to prepare for the exam comfortably and with the most relevance. You must take the sample papers from it and solve it or the mock questions to give you the judgment of your current preparation. You have to give at least one hour daily to CSAT and if you are considering yourself too weak for the exam then start doing test series with any institutes or online platforms. This all is to improve and strengthen your strong points to crack the paper. If you will join hard work with a rational mind then it will become an easy approach for you.

#5. Stay Positive

This is one thing that is always said but never taken care of. This is one fruitful concept that must be kept in mind while one is preparing for any examination in life. Staying positive is the key to a successful and healthy life afterwards. If you will be positive and grounded then confidence in you will grow. So, always try to stay positive and take good care of your mind along with your body to maintain peace all around yourself. You will have to keep yourself calm to keep practising hard to get your desires. Do not get hyper or tensed if you are weak in certain things rather put your best in it and come out with turning out to be the best.

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CSAT Practice Questions for UPSC

UPSC is considered the most reputable examination in India. It requires a lot of hard work and passion to succeed. The candidate must be clear and focused on his / her ambitions. To prepare for CSAT perfectly you must work on the areas where you think you can score the maximum, improve your vocabulary, comprehension, read every day and work on your reasoning and logic. You must know the syllabus, marking criteria, positive points, and everything to get it. You need to practice regularly on enhancing yourself in every aspect of this exam. It seems too easy to crack but it turns to be difficult due to the unpredictability of UPSC. You have to be fully prepared before reaching the examination.

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UPSC CSAT Questions

You can start doing practices with CSAT sample question papers and previous year’s question papers to exactly know the format and questions. This will make it clear to get 33% easily. You have to remember that this exam should not be taken lightly and it is a step to get your name in UPSC. The CSAT exam gives the candidate a broader outlook of knowing various areas of one’s personality and logic with the mind. The aspirant must prepare for it regularly to be unique and more precisely intelligent in a succession of the examination. You can get sample paper from various websites that will surely move you towards practical reach on the syllabus. Your life depends on the marks of it, so try to do it with utmost dedication.

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CSAT exam is a great opportunity for every aspirant to prepare and grow knowledge for the coming exam. It gives true assessment to every person sitting in the exam and clearing it makes your way transparent for conquering UPSC and getting your ambitions. You must check out the weakness and strong points of yourself and then start working on them. You cannot be perfect and hence start doing practices and revisions to be near perfect. If you are aspiring to be an IAS or any civil servant then go to UPSC Pathshala for better preparation and understanding. The professionals and experts of every subject are there to help you in understanding and resolving your queries. You must focus on your personality and skill-building to get on to your goals.

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