The civil services aptitude test is considered one of the most significant papers to qualify for the UPSC examination. It was introduced in the year 2011 to check the overall candidates’ analytical and social skills. UPSC exam is divided into three main steps that are prelims, mains, and finally interview. UPSC prelims constitutes general studies paper 1 and general studies paper 2. General studies paper 2 is called CSAT. All the aspirants must understand the whole procedure of the Prelims exam to neglect confusion and approach the positive results in the exam. Are you searching for the answer to the question, is CSATpaper removed from UPSC 2021? Let’s find it out through this article.

Strategy for CSAT Exam

The candidates must not neglect it and should not think that this exam is an easy qualifying exam. You should spend a sincere amount of time preparing it and concentrate on every part of it that comes in the exam. It should not be kept untouched because of basic maths and comprehension. The candidate must read an adequate number of books and previous years question papers to know exactly about the type of questions asked in the exam and conquer it. If you are going to neglect it, it will prove to be the most difficult one. You should practice everything regularly to avoid hindrances in your prelims exams. The basic strategy of winning over it is decency and observation.

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What is CSAT in UPSC? 

CSAT exam comes under the preliminary round of UPSC. It is of 200 maximum marks which have 80 multiple choice questions with 1/3rd of negative marking. The time limit is 2 hours in an offline exam and the candidate must get at least 66 marks in the examination to clear it. The question paper is available in English as well as in Hindi. It comprises the syllabus that has comprehension, interpersonal skills along with effective communication skills, basic numeracy, and data interpretation, standard logical reasoning, and abilities of analysis with decision making and problem-solving brain and general abilities of the mind. This exam gives the candidate a broader outlook of knowing various areas of one’s personality and logic with the mind. The aspirant must prepare for it regularly to be unique and more precisely intelligent in succession.

Is CSAT Paper Removed from UPSC 2021?  

According to the news coming in this area, CSAT Paper will not get removed from the UPSC examination. It depicts the personality, analysis, mindset, logic, and knowledge of the candidate. It will get conducted like always with the guidelines. Removal of this paper has been in the discussion since early times but consideration of the importance of it gives the idea of not dropping it. The candidates must be aware of the dates of registration to the CSAT Prelims which is from 12th February 2021 to 3rd March 2021. The aspirants should not get into the distractive and questionable facts rather make themselves prepared to win this era. You must not drown in the thoughts of confusion instead you should concentrate to get your desired dreams.

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How to Prepare CSAT for UPSC?

UPSC is the most esteemed examination in India. It requires a zenith of hard work and passion to succeed. The candidate must be clear and focused on his / her ambitions. To prepare for CSAT perfectly you must know your weakest and strongest area, time management, improve your vocabulary, comprehension, read every day and work on your reasoning and logic. You must clearly know the syllabus, marking criteria, positive points, and everything to get it. You need to practice regularly on enhancing yourself in every aspect of this exam. It seems too easy to crack but it turns out to be difficult due to the unpredictability of UPSC. You have to be fully prepared before reaching the examination.

CSAT Examination

This exam needs an overall score of 33% to crack it. It is an examination to prepare you for several tasks and issues coming in the future if you become one of the administrative powers of the nation. This exam is termed a screening or selecting paper. It has been in burning discussions but every year it is done according to the given guidelines too, it is going to be conducted the same way, and no authentic news of removing it has been into the discussion. UPSC is not an exam that could be manipulated in time. It is the most authoritative exam in our country. If it will bring changes then the candidate will get information about it. You should be brilliant enough to crack everything that comes your way, one of which is CSAT.

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CSAT Prelims has many aspects of the syllabus to lean on. Everyone cannot be perfect in all parts. Some people are good at vocabulary and comprehension while some find logic and analysis an easy part. The candidate must prepare according to the marking criteria and must know the strong and weak points. This apparent knowledge and self-judgment of yours will lead you to clear the exam without moving helter and skelter.

There is no such news for the removal of this exam in today’s scenario. Therefore, you should learn and acknowledge everything related to the Prelims and Mains. Do not get confused and distressed by thinking too much and focus on cracking all the tests.

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Is CSAT Prelims Paper Removed from UPSC Examination 2021? Check Out the Pattern of UPSC
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Is CSAT Prelims Paper Removed from UPSC Examination 2021? Check Out the Pattern of UPSC
The CSAT is an essential part of UPSC. It is done before Prelims. The blazing question in every aspirant's mind, is CSAT removed from UPSC 2021? Here is the answer to the dilemma.
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