UPSC examination is something that brings you enlightenment from within about the world and social vision. This exam primarily has two steps which are Prelims and Mains. These are the exams where you have to be precise and clear about your subjects and should have a good command over them. The lucky aspirants who manage to clear these examinations get the opportunity to appear for a personality test which is based on nationality, educational qualifications, number of attempts, etc. IAS eligibility of a person is the first component noticed for the UPSC exam. The basic prerequisites needed for an IAS interview should be always kept in mind by the candidates to reduce the chances of obstacles.

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Appearing for an IAS Interview?

UPSC exam leads you towards serving the nation and handling the system. IAS interview is not everyone’s cup of tea, an aspirant must develop perseverance, dedication, patience, passion, hard work, skills, knowledge, and prudence to be able to stand out from the crowd. IAS distributes the administrative powers and responsibilities to the person and, therefore, the individual must have social etiquettes and moral values along with intellect. If you are aspiring to be an IAS and wondering about appearing for an IAS Interview? Well, you need not worry anymore because this is your place. You are going to get every mystery solved in the article. IAS Interview is not an easily touched area of the Civil service examination by the candidates.

Glorified Interview Outlook! 

You meet the prominent personalities who ask you questions from the world. You must feel a sense of achievement and pride that you have got this by forwarding a step before millions of others. You must have confidence, knowledge, and presence of mind to not drown in nervousness and perspiration but show your strength and passion to achieve your goals. This could only be done if you know all the protocols and processes to appear in the respected tests. Let’s check the preconditions of the exam!

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Documents Needed before IAS Interview 

IAS examination brings you the most awaited proud and accomplishment moments. Being a citizen of the country and knowing the constitution, you need to prove yourself eligible for the examination and other steps. The documents are needed everywhere starting from prelims to medical tests. You must be aware of the plans and procedures for the examination so that you can get them ready and concentrate on your studies and other relevant areas. To be able to sit in the exam, you need to apply on the UPSC official website.

Mandatory Documents Needed for IAS Interview 

#You must have a scanned photograph of the applicant.

# You must have a scanned signature of the applicant.

# The candidate must have a Photo ID card issued by the government of India that can be: Voter ID Card, Adhar Card, it could be PAN Card, Driving Licence, Passport or any other Photo ID Card issued by the State or Central Board of Indian Government.

If you are the hardworking one and determined towards your dreams then after clearing the Prelims you will be heading towards the Mains.

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Required Documents for Mains

# Proof of age with matriculation or leaving of secondary school certificate.

# Educational Qualification certificate that shows the completion of your degree.

# EWS Certificate.

# Certificate of disability if you are handicapped or disable.

# Documents upholding the OBC /SC / ST certificates.

# Certificates showing non-creamy coating of OBC status.

# Documents for proving that you hail from any of the north-eastern states of Arunachal Pradesh, state of Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram, area of Meghalaya, or Sikkim.

# You must have an undertaking for a government servant.

# Domicile of Jammu and Kashmir.

# Documents supporting the disability of yours during defence services.

# Age relaxation certificate.

If you are the lucky one to clear both the rugged examinations then you will have to appear in the personality test which congregates documents verification process, interview, medical test, etc. When you are going to appear for the IAS interview, the documents that must be with you are written below.

IAS Interview

# Certificate of matriculation or age proof.

# Certificate showing educational qualifications.

# Photo ID card issued by the government like Adhar card, PAN card, driving license, passport, etc.

# You must have a photocopy of the E summon letter.

# Atleast two recent passport size photographs for attaching with the documents.

# Certificate Of Age relaxation.

Documents Needed for SC/ ST Category

# Documents determining your caste.

# Certificates and mark sheets showing your educational status.

#TA Form along with two copies and the proof of journey.

# You must have an original affidavit to show the minor discrepancies.

Documents Required for Physically Disabled  

# Certificate of being physically handicapped.

# Certificates and mark sheets of PG Degree or higher education.

# Age relaxation documents.

# TA form along with two copies and proof of journey.

# You must have an original affidavit to determine the minor discrepancies.

If you are the fortunate one who is going to be the future IAS then you will only have to clear the medical round.

Requirements for Medical Test 

#Passport size photographs that should be 8 to 10 to attach with the documents.

#Prescriptions or medical certificates if any that may be helpful for an eye check-up.

Civil Service Examination 

All the documents are very crucial for appearing in the examinations and related tests of UPSC. IAS interview is the most honourable moment of one’s life to be capable of sitting before the eminent personalities and answer all the questions to get your ambition. You must be aware of the plans and protocols to bring the reduction of the last time hustle and bustle. You must know all the required documents and get them ready before the examination so that you can concentrate on your studies and attaining maximum knowledge and be scrupulously exponential. Civil services are the dream of many people but only a few with a clear vision reaches the top. To be at the top needs perfection from every aspect.

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We hope that you get the information about the requirements of the exam through this article. So, don’t push yourself into trouble, rather go and get the documents ready to focus on the major aspects of the examination. The documents must not distract you from your overall personality improvements. Therefore, it should be done earlier to reduce end-time issues.

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