The UPSC Civil Services Interview will be conducted for aspirants who have cleared the UPSC Prelims and Mains. Just after the UPSC interview has been cleared, also known as the personality test, an applicant can join the civil service.

IAS Interview questions will determine your future as an IAS officer. Aspirants must reflect their optimism while answering the IAS Interview as this is the round that can change their lives.

IAS Interview can be tough or easy depending on the personality of the candidate. Candidates can face a lot of problems in their first attempt. In this article you will get to know how we face a problem in an IAS interview. So, let’s begin.

Why is the UPSC Interview Important?

You cleared the UPSC and demonstrated your skills and understanding. Now, the UPSC wants to determine whether or not you have what it requires to be a civil servant. That’s where the phase of the IAS interview arises. It takes more than understanding and expertise to nail the IAS Exam to be a prosperous IAS/IPS officer.

You must have a strong presence of mind, a rational thinking capacity to take on new challenges, a calm and collected disposition when faced with confusion and aggression in any of the questions of the IAS Interview.

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How do We Face a Problem in an IAS Interview Question? Here’re the Do’s

  • Only say the truth and nothing but facts. Not only is this easier to defend, but it is much more comfortable.
  • You must be careful when speaking to the members of the Board. When answering, you can re-use a few words and phrases used in the Board statement. Be emotionally prepared for follow up questions, do not let your mind drift further.
  • Don’t ever make a categorical declaration or express hard opinions on any subject. You should use phrases such as- ‘as far as my experience goes,’ ‘personally I suppose,’ ‘as far as I’ve heard,’ etc.
  • Try to split the ‘question/ statement’ into its component pieces and then continue critically. If you’re not able to cope with all the pieces, you should genuinely say the same thing.
  • Be confident, look nice and composed in presence, particularly when you can’t get to grips with a question. The most essential elements of the administrator are poise and grit.

UPSC Interview Don’ts

  • Prevent all conversational slang, such as: “as you know,” “that’s right,” “of course,” “indeed,” “obviously,” etc.
  • Stop technological terminology when referring to one or two ‘questions’ in a series. However, if the interviewers continue to test you in some technical area, you could use the technical terminology afterwards.
  • Don’t give a long introduction; a syntax to your comment. Only come to the point and discuss the question you are asked.
  • Do not make hasty generalisations or general statements, unless they are completely necessary. If you absolutely have to use these, use with appropriate care.

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UPSC IAS Interview Questions can be Expected from Which Topics?

The UPSC interview questions examines candidates’ psychological alertness, general awareness, social graces, and general character. The questionnaire in the IAS PI questions are not intended solely to determine practical knowledge, so rather than mugging up, applicants should concentrate on their soft skills.

UPSC interview questions can be asked from topics like –

  • Candidate’s basic introduction
  • Education
  • Current Affairs
  • Work profile
  • Optional Subject
  • Hobbies

IAS Interview Marks

The IAS interview will contain 275 marks with no minimum aggregate marks. The objective of the PI questions in the UPSC interview is to test the applicant for life in the administration.

It is not at all compulsory for one to answer all the questions in order to achieve good marks in the UPSC Personality Test. It is not about whether you understand the exact answer to the question, but how you actually come across as a person when you’re under some pressure.

Preparation Tips to Face the Problems in an IAS Interview

  • Fill the Detail Application Form with utmost care because this DAF holds the power to change your entire PI round.
  • Organize a list of potential questions that may be asked premised on your DAF.
  • Start practicing answering a question in front of your mirror.
  • If feasible, record yourself as you answer questions during your practise session.
  • Brush your expertise on the topic of your graduation.
  • Keep a track of current affairs.

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The UPSC IAS selection panel is made up of professionals with decades of work expertise who have experienced it all, and can easily find out when you try to cheat yourself out of a difficult subject or try half-heartedly to answer a question which you don’t have any knowledge about.

Therefore, strive to demonstrate your initial thought process and real identity in everything you say throughout your PI round, whether it’s answering questions, inviting panellists, or even expressing your thoughts about something.

For the best result, you can get yourself enrolled at UPSC Pathshala, here every IAS aspirant gets a personal mentor who not only helps the candidate with a proper strategy to ace the UPSC exam, but also helps in developing a personality that will undoubtedly help him/ her face any problem in an IAS interview.

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