So, have you given your first attempt at the UPSC Prelims examinations? Great, how was the feeling nervous, excited or mixed well?

Well, whatever your feeling was, I know it was a hard nut to crack. But you did it.

But now that you have given the exam, you are getting nightmares about the results. Well, it’s obvious and normal.

And hey! Let me guess, you are trying to guess your Scores.

After the Preliminary examinations,  several websites upload the answer key for the paper. And you can easily calculate your result by matching your answer to them.

If you have calculated then great, But if you were wondering how to calculate UPSC CSAT score? Then keep reading.

UPSC Preliminary Examination

UPSC Preliminary examination is the first step of your CSE dream. And, you know, the first step is always the hardest.

Not because taking the first step itself is hard, but it takes toils to collect your courage and move a step.

Congratulations, you have taken that step. Now, don’t lose your courage and keep walking to the top.


UPSC CSE is the examination for recruiting IPS, IAS, and IFS. This consists of three Stages: Preliminary exams, Main Examination, and Personal Interview.

The Preliminary Exam is the first stage of the UPSC CSE journey. It is an objective paper. It consists of two papers: Paper I and Paper-II.

Main Exams are subjective. It is a written test consisting of nine papers.

The last stage is a Personal Interview, whereby candidates have to face a panel and answer their questions.

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Preliminary Examination

# No. of Paper: 2 ( Paper I and Paper II)

# Paper Type: Objective

# Languages: English/ Hindi

# Mode: Offline

Paper I

# Total questions: 100

# Total Marks: Each question carries 2 marks. Therefore 200 marks.

# Passing marks: UPSC decides every year for the cutoff.

#  Negative marking: 0.66

Paper-II (CSAT)

# Total questions: 80

# Total Marks: Each question carries 2.5 marks. Therefore 200 marks.

# Passing marks: 66 marks (33%)

#  Negative marking: 0.83

What is CSAT in UPSC?

CSAT or Civil Service Aptitude Test is the second paper of UPSC Preliminary Examinations.

It is generally known as General studies II or Paper II. It was first introduced in 2011 as the second paper of the UPSC CSE Preliminary examination.

The only motive of the UPSC was to test the candidate’s analytical skills, reasoning ability, and basic aptitude solving ability.

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What is the Importance of CSAT?

CSAT in UPSC is qualifying in nature, and therefore often candidates ignore it. But this is often a grave mistake.

The passing marks of CSAT are 66 marks. But if you think you can score it easily then you are wrong. UPSC is increasing the level of difficulty of CSAT every year.

And if math is not your forte, then get ready for the hard work.

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Preparation Strategy for CSAT

How to prepare for the CSAT?

First of all, remember this, you must clear this Paper. This paper is the screening test for your UPSC CSE Mains Examination.

Candidates who are not able to pass this cannot proceed further.

Testing the Waters

Start by evaluating your current position. You can take several Mock tests and solve a Previous year question paper.

If you score high, well, you can focus on other subjects.

But if your score is lower then you should start your CSAT preparation right now.


Go through the CSAT Syllabus thoroughly and make the checklist of various topics.

Practice makes a Man Perfect

Practice daily, each topic till you ace it.

Time Management

If you are good at solving questions, then you can either take weekly mock tests or devote one hour daily.

If you find it a bit hard. Then practice for at least three to four hours daily.

Remember, this paper is about speed and problem solving, and both can be conquered by practice.

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How to Calculate UPSC CSAT Score?

CSAT or Paper II consists of 80 questions. Each question carries 2.5 months, and for each wrong answer, 0.83 marks are deducted.

Now let’s Start with Calculating your CSAT score.

# Step: First of all, match your answers with the Answer Keys. You can easily find it on several websites after the UPSC CSE prelim exam.

# Step 2: Check out the number of questions you have marked correct, and also the number of questions you have marked wrong.

# Step 3: Now, multiply the number of questions attempted correctly by 2.5.

# Step 4: Multiply the number of questions attempted wrong with 0.83.

# Step 5: Finally, deduct the total marks of wrong answers from the total of correct answers.

And here you have the result of your CSAT paper.


Sounds confusing? Then let me simplify it with the help of an example.

Suppose,  the number of questions attempted is 80.

The number of Correct questions is 60 and the Wrong answers are 20.

Now, the Total marks of correct Answers are 60*2.5= 150

And,  wrong answers Total is 20*0.83= 16.6

Finally, the CSAT score is 150-16.6= 133.4.

Final Words

UPSC CSE Prelims Examination is the first step of your dream. Gather your Courage and give this a shot.

Now that you have decided on your career, get ready for a dive into the ocean of information. Yes, UPSC is one of the toughest exams in India.

Every year millions of students appear for the examination and only hundreds of them are selected. However, that shouldn’t lower your morale. With proper information and preparation, I am sure you can easily pass it.

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