Today we are going to speak about IAS Shilpa Nag who is a promising IAS officer. These officers might not be famous in the entertainment world, but they are the real heroes of life. They are the ones who protect us and lead the country. We will be talking about Shilpa Nag who has done many big works which made the country proud. She is an inspiration and motivation to many UPSC aspirants.

This article talks about her wiki, biography, biodata, IAS rank, family, current posting and optional subject. Know her strategy and preparation tips to boost your motivation so that you ace the UPSC exam.

She always dreamt about serving the nation, which led her to study for UPSC and achieve her dreams. Want to know more? Read the full article to know everything.

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Shilpa Nag Wiki 

Name Shilpa Nag
Batch 2014
Education Graduate, Post-graduate
12th Percentage 93.4%
Birthplace Mysuru, Karnataka
Hometown Mysuru, Karnataka
School Local High School
Marital Status Married
Net Worth As of 2021 Rs. 30 Lakh
Source of Income Government Salary

IAS Shilpa Nag Biography

Shilpa Nag is a 2014 batch IAS officer from Karnataka. She took her post as the MCC or Mysore Municipal Corporation Commissioner in February 2021. She had always handled her work professionally and with a good policy.

Shilpa Nag has done various initiatives during the corona time and helped many who were stuck in the pandemic. The Bengaluru minister S.T. Somashekar has spoken about her positively and also stated that she has done a very good job.

Shilpa Nag has launched doorstep health services, surveys, condolences to the deceased families and vaccination for beggars and street vendors. She has also set up COVID centres which have been set during the second wave of the pandemic.

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IAS Shilpa Nag: Rank and Current Posting 

Shilpa Nag secured 311st rank in her first attempt, but she did not qualify mains in her first attempt. She then got 434 all India rank in her second attempt and she qualified mains and she was satisfied with her rank.

Id No. 113K07
Dt. of Appointment 01/09/2014
Source of Recruitment RR
Date of Birth 10/03/1984
Allotment Year 2014; KN
Cadre & Domicile Karnataka
Age 34 Years (Age calculated as of 01/01/2018)

IAS Shilpa Nag: Optional Subject 

Total Marks Marks Obtained
Geography P1 250 62
Geography P2 250 57
Optional 1 250 102
Optional 2 250 88
Geography P3 250 70
Geography P4 250 102
Essay 250 140
Total(Written) 1750 621
Interview 275 184
Total 2025 805

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Strategy for UPSC 

Be Consistent With Your Preparation

#The most crucial benefit that the early learners have, is the benefit of additional time. Nevertheless, there’s also a difficulty. When the extent is adequate, it’s not the ‘time management, relatively your ‘viscosity maintenance over this lengthy period of time’ that expects more interest.

#Thus, all the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months should be pre-scheduled with respective marks.

#First and Foremost, an aspirant must distinguish the whole syllabus of all three levels of the exam, in his/her mind.

#This minor but crucial task would go a long way in maintaining your preparation concentrated and pertinent. Check out our supreme UPSC guide for subject-wise procedure.

Sufficient Time Allocation

#Given the adequateness of time, it is significant to approve the ‘mains introductory strategy’ which suggests that you should commence your UPSC practice by formulating the UPSC mains practice technique.

#After prelims, an aspirant hardly gets three to four months for the practice of mains. The plan is further fastened by the requirement of answer writing and essay writing strategy. Thus, it will be a thoughtful action to formulate for the mains part early.

Choose Your Optional Subject Wisely

#The supreme important component of the mains syllabus is the optional subject. The selection of optional subjects should be as per your own grade of comfort with and level of curiosity in the content.

#This conclusion must not be misinformed by any sort of false assumption of ‘which is the most achieving optional’. It’s not the optional subject per se, it’s your practice and demonstration (answer writing) that creates it scoring.

#However, there is a path to choose the best optional subject for UPSC Mains.

Make Proper Study Plan

#After having wisely selected the optional subject, the aspirant must start the practice right from the introduction.

#Allocate the months and plan your days and weeks well in progress, assuring that by November – December, you complete the syllabus for the four General Studies papers and Optional subject. It is indeed feasible to obtain the Mains preparation only if you schedule your moment with perfection.

#Making a timetable is very important and including your daily, weekly and monthly strategy with the improvement chart is necessary.

Follow Daily Current Affairs to Keep Yourself Updated

#One significant, in fact, strong, part of the practice is to religiously and always follow the newspaper daily. The aspirant should always be revised with all the significant nationwide and worldwide circumstances. You can follow one or two newspapers and administration sources like Yojana, PRS, Kurukshetra, PIB, etc. Also, if time permits, you can commence with your first answer essay strategy after you are done with the mains syllabus previously. Try to get it assessed by some senior or lecturer.

#One aspect that must be conserved in mind is that the syllabus of mains and prelims is not entirely categorized. There is, in fact, a substantial extension. Thus, while formulating for UPSC mains, a crucial portion of Prelims also gets covered. For the remaining percentage, one can get into the ‘prelims-focussed’ method from January or February onwards. From this degree onwards, the golden trinity of ‘revision, unification, and examination’, must serve as part of the practice.

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One should always be focused and becoming IAS is not only a job but a duty to serve the nation. One should be selfless, corruption-free and willing to serve the country their best. Becoming an IAS officer is a dignified and selfless duty towards the country and its people. One should always remember that becoming a civil servant is always not easy. There may be thousands of failures but, if one has the determination to serve the country then, he/she will find a way out of the problems and a way into their dreams.

UPSC Pathshala has made many aspirants realise that UPSC can be cracked with the right preparation and strategy. They are helping many students achieve their goals to serve the country and its people. The best online private coaching centre where aspirants get to learn, understand and keep motivated to dream higher and achieve it. If you have any doubts, please feel free to drop them in the comments section below, we will be glad to solve them. All the best for the examination!

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