Becoming an IAS is the toughest part but, if you are willing to serve the country, then it becomes your passion. One such inspiring passion is IAS Anukriti Sharma and her inspiring journey. Her willingness to do something for the country made her determination high and made her achieve her UPSC rank.

This article talks all about her journey, biography, optional subject, wiki and current posting. Read this article till the end to know her strategy and preparation tips which made her achieve her milestone. One will be amazed at her achievement and the way she didn’t stop pursuing her dreams and serve the country.

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IAS Anukriti Sharma Wiki Facts

Name IAS Anukriti Sharma
Attempt 4
Father Retired Gov. Servant
Mother English lecturer
College Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata.

Graduate in Geological science

Marital Status Married
UPSC optional subject Geography
Instagram anukriti14


IAS Anukriti Sharma Biography

Talking about the education of IAS Anukriti Sharma; in 2007 she passed the IIT JEE examination and took admission in the Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Kolkata, after which Anukriti Sharma went to Rice University, USA.

IAS states that, when she was in college, there were many reasons that motivated Anukriti Sharma to go into the civil service. But due to being from a science background, her teacher forbade her to go to the civil service and said that she can do all these jobs by becoming a scientist, so she should concentrate on her studies. But still, when she returned from America, after some time she started putting efforts to fulfill her dream.


Anukriti Sharma reached the main examination in her first attempt of civil service, after that she could not even pass her prelims paper in the second attempt but she continued her efforts. When she gave her third attempt, she reached the interview and in her fourth, she finally succeeded in the endeavour.

Anukriti Sharma was ranked 355 in the Civil Services Examination and received the Indian Revenue Service.

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Optional Subject

Her optional subject was Geography and her husband was her tutor for her entire journey. He helped her to achieve her dreams. She also says that he was like her co-aspirant who helped improve her strategy and marks. She said that her husband was like her best friend and motivated and inspired her during her courses of preparation and she owes the success to him very much.

These are some recommended books by IAS Anukriti Sharma for future UPSC aspirants willing to take Geography as their optional subject.

Physical Geography

Physical Geography by Savinder Singh

Geomorphology by Savinder Singh

Spectrum Geography for diagrams

11th and 12th NCERTs

Soil part covered by Neetu Singh

Human Geography

Himanshu Sharma and Majid Hussain for Geographical Thoughts.

Spectrum and Human And Economic Geography by Morgan.

Leong for Population and Settlement.

Himanshu Sharma and Morgan and Leong for Economic Geography.

Neetu Singh, NCERT and Spectrum for Regional Geography.

Majid Hussain Models book and Neetu Singh for models part.

Indian Geography

NCERTs of Class XI and XII, Neetu Singh notes for Physiography, Agriculture and Industry and Khullar for every topic.

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Her Strategy to Ace UPSC

She tells the aspirants that whenever you think that you have to apply for civil service, do not be frightened because there are numerous aspirants who quit jobs or flee campus placements for this. In such a circumstance, when you are not earning the achievement, do not be frustrated, instead be thoughtful and understand why you are here, and what you wish to do. This will encourage you a ton and you will stand up.

For her, it was her childhood dream of becoming a civil servant and serving the country. When she got married, then also her dreams didn’t change. She believes that one should have the perseverance to achieve the dream and keep reminding them in your mind that you will have to do them.

How was Her Timetable?

When it comes to strategy and timetable, she entirely depended on self-preparation for this test and did not receive any training at any level of duration. For any guidance on practice, she used to follow topper’s conversations, blogs or their suggestions which are accessible in prosperity on the internet.

She also adds that for any failed attempts one should not be disheartened because the first is not perfect and there is always room for improvement.

She did not take any training for prelims, general studies, mains practice or optional subject that is geography. She primarily depended on online origins, regular publications and papers and did the whole strategy from home. Self-preparation was her strategy.

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For an IAS aspirant, taking note of the biography or reading it, is one of the informative sources. Learning from the first-hand experience of the opposite one that has been in your home, will cause you to learn things that books don’t.

IAS Sharma is a powerful lady who appreciated the failures and silently prepared to achieve her dream. Hopefully, you acquired some lifelong wisdom from the background of IAS Anukriti Sharma, who is understood as a strong lady and is not afraid of failures and always looks for more opportunities.

For more such passionate articles you can go through the UPSC Pathshala website and collect yourself a dose of enthusiasm to fix your practice. All the best!

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