The Civil Service Exam is the most desired all over India and also the IAS officer is the most desired career among youngsters. 8 lakh students aspire to serve as IAS officials and serve the country. If you are willing to crack the exam, go through the details about the best IAS online coaching institute in India in the article. Join the IAS online classes and make your dream come true. This journey is a little hard but this all will count in the end and to reach your ultimate goal one should also look up to people who have achieved it and can also be inspired and motivated by IAS officers’ records and can also follow their guidance and this is one of the records that we are going to read about and she is IAS Sonia Meena. She is estimated to be among the aspirants who passed the IAS examination on the initial attempt.

The reality is that UPSC is one of the hardest exams in the nation and also one of the toughest exams in the world, confidential from anybody. Therefore, the aspirants who are aspiring and building dreams for the IAS examination want an influential will to get through it. One of the achievement elements for Sonia Meena was perseverance and determination.

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IAS Sonia Meena Biography 

Sonia Meena was born in Rajasthan. She joined the service in the 2013 batch IAS officer. Previous to this, she lived as Umaria’s ADM and Executive Officer of District Panchayat. Previous to this, she resided on the SDM in Rajnagar of Chhatarpur.

Sonia Meena is like the Dabang IAS. In February 2017, she seized Bundela’s sand automobiles from Chhatarpur’s mining mafia Arjun Singh, when Bundela terrorized her. After this, the safety of Sonia Singh was heightened during SDM, but her movements against mining mafias were advancing and she never took a back step from her aim.

Name Sonia Meena
Also Known As Sonia
Profession IAS Officer
Famous for Get threatens from MP mafia
Birth Place Rajasthan, India
Hometown Rajasthan, India
School Name Local School of Rajasthan

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IAS Sonia Meena UPSC Rank 

IAS Sonia Meena in 2013 has achieved 36th rank and also she is very lively on various social media platforms.

Optional Subject & Marksheet

Essay 106
GS 1 139
GS 2 100
Optional 1 83
Optional 1 154
Optional 2 136
Optional 2 136
Total (Written) 854
PT Marks 205
Total 1059

Sonia Meena Current Posting 

Identity No. 112M01
Dt. of Appointment 02/09/2013
Source of Recruitment RR
IntraIAS User Id sonia.meena
Date of Birth 14/05/1989
Allotment Year 2013;MP
Cadre & Domicile Rajasthan
Age 32 Years (Calculated on 2021)

IAS Sonia Meena Strategy

Sonia believes that one needs to be focused and as we all know that the exam 2020 and 2021 were being postponed and that’s when you have to utilise your time and space which is provided to you. She believes that as you get more time it is like ‘Blessing in Disguise’ and that’s why with the right focus one can achieve it. She also adds that your tempo with perseverance is very important for all three stages of the exam and the strategies also differ with the stages.

To clear the exam Sonia believes that one has to work hard and there is no substitute for hard work, so do as much as hard work one can do. She also adds that one should believe in oneself to achieve success and one should never be discouraged. You should be calm and focused and should have only one thing in your mind that you have to serve this nation well and this should be your commitment.

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Preparation Tips to Ace UPSC IAS

Prepare a Suitable TimeTable

Analyse your level way before the assessment and schedule your plan consequently. When it comes to civil services tests, last moment preparations never function. Before the civil services tests take place every year, there is constantly a lot of duration to schedule how several days you would need to allocate for specific topics.   Notice, unhurried and constant always wins the victory. So first practices are constantly supported rather than mugging up when the tests are just a month from time.

Revision should be Part of Your Syllabus

The huge syllabus of the civil service assessment can put anybody in turmoil. Therefore, you are required to schedule your analyses for a day and for a week. You should schedule your study technique in such a manner that you should be prepared to read and rewrite the prescribed topics several times as feasible or till you realize assurance about your practice.

Focus on Basic Concepts

Before those who wish to benefit in the country building through civil services desire to understand what really it brings to pass these tests, they should be adequately familiar with the nation and crucial improvements. Detailed understanding about your nation’s society, culture and speech is an impending regulation to be well educated for the tests. So the practice does not imply you should be a bookworm but a candidate with a reasonable understanding of his/her surroundings.

Make Notes

As you go through the syllabus, prepare short notes. This will support you in revision and adequate comprehension of apprehensive subjects.

Reading Newspapers

The time one signs up for civil services tests, one is instructed to read magazines. Reading English papers requires a lot of priority. Nevertheless, it is quite significant for the civil services test candidates to examine English as well as other local vocabulary papers. The notion here is to be adequately educated relatively than developing insufficient awareness. One paper may furnish information with restricted data whereas the exact information may be provided with a number of elements in another. So be thirsty for additional than one paper to be adequately educated.

Focus on Your Personality and Communication Skills

The interview is one of the vastly crucial portions of the assessment. It is crucial for you to communicate your beliefs to the interviewers. Therefore, concentrate on smoothing your communication abilities and body language. Some aspirants are honoured with such abilities. And some desire to rehearse to satisfy outstanding communicators of their impressions. Aspirants with no communication abilities can address those, who have already appeared for the civil services tests, to obtain valuable advice from them.

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Sonia is filled with determination and passion to serve her country and that made her achieve what she is now. One should always remember that UPSC is more than an exam, it’s a duty and a commitment to what one will be doing, and serving the nation needs perseverance that every aspirant should have. One should always be fit, healthy and also should be ready to serve the nation effectively. You should always be confident about your goal and should be ready to serve.

If you have any doubts, suggestions, questions, queries, or feedback please feel free to comment in the comments section below and if you are looking for courses to ace the examination then hops on to UPSC Pathshala, the best online private tutor. It is the best IAS online coaching institute in India for all the people dreaming to serve the country. The IAS online classes offered by the platform are extremely helpful for candidates. Visit UPSC Pathshala! 

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