This article is all about IAS Gaurav Kumar Singh, his journey of how he did his preparation and the strategy he covered to score his UPSC rank, his tips for his optional subject and his current posting as IAS.

Keep on reading this article till the end to get a sneak look into his UPSC preparation trip and formulate your own technique for passing the UPSC civil services exam with flying colours. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dig into IAS Gaurav Kumar Singh biography.

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IAS Gaurav Kumar Singh Biography 

Name Gaurav Kumar Singh
Exam Year 2013
Rank in CSE AIR 190
Age [2021] 37
Roll No. 440337
Cadre Chhattisgarh
Date of Birth 01/01/1984
Date of Joining(in Service) 02/09/2013
Hometown Haryana
Current Posting Collector, Surajpur Chhattisgarh (New)
Date of Joining(in Current Post) 23/05/2021
Category O.B.C

IAS Gaurav Kumar Singh Rank 

IAS Gaurav Kumar Singh has obtained an AIR 190 rank in the year 2013 and he joined the service on 2nd September 2013.

H3 Optional Subject & Marksheet

Essay 112
GS 1 120
GS 2 124
Optional 1 47
Optional 1 114
Optional 2 178
Optional 2 156
Written Total Marks 851
PT Marks 140
Total Marks 991/ 2025

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Current Posting 

Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel had ordered to remove 2012 batch IAS officer named Ranbir Sharma because of criticism which broke out over the officer and the senior officer IAS Gaurav Kumar Singh has pledged as the new collector of Surajpur and after the ex-officer was removed the post went under a controversial take in which he was slapping a youth and that’s when the Chief Minister said that he would remove the collector who was in charge.

Strategy to ACE the UPSC

Prepare Yourself

#Before beginning to comprehend how to begin formulating for UPSC, you should formulate yourself for the mission.

#Before beginning your practice, educate physically and psychologically for the test. Establish objectives and dedicate time effectively.

#Understand the test structure completely and pace your IAS practice consequently.

#The exam has three phases — prelims, mains and interview.

Watch our videos for all the latest videos on IAS preparation.

Make a Time Table

#To serve as an IAS officer, it is essential to be like an authority with a well-organized everyday habit.

#You should establish a satisfied calendar before your practice and see to it that it is accomplished.

#Making a chart will educate and make it extra streamlined. With deadlines, you would function nicely and obtain the syllabus earlier.

Know the UPSC Syllabus

#The syllabus is the heart of any test. Understanding the syllabus is the main aspect to do before you move through the publications.

#The exam has given the syllabus for the Civil Services Preliminary and Main assessment in a detailed description.

#Candidates should comprehend and obey the syllabus for civil service assessment. Understanding the syllabus will assist you to select related study elements, prioritize the topics, etc.

Newspaper Reading/ Current Affairs for IAS

#The magazines are the largely crucial element of the IAS test.

#If you do not examine the everyday magazine or watch the everyday news for the IAS test, you cannot wish to pass this test.

#The problems asked in the civil services examination are presently or indirectly related to recent affairs. Therefore, it is very crucial to interpreting the related information articles in your everyday newspaper.

#Analysis that provides the exam-relevant information articles in a concise way.

Choosing Optional

#The optional subject summaries for 500 marks in the ultimate score.

#Thus, you should select an optional subject with thinking wisely and after a detailed think-through of the advantages and disadvantages of the topics, you have in intellect.

#Some of the components to maintain while or before choosing an optional are

Curiosity in the topic

Previous understanding in it/academic knowledge

Coincide with the GS pages

Availability of training

Availability of notes and related study material


#The NCERT books from lessons six to twelve play an extremely crucial role in IAS exam practice.

#Candidates can get fundamental theories and assumptions from NCERT books.

#These publications furnish the knowledge very nicely and in detail. Further, they are credible too as the basis is the administration itself.

#In prior decades the exam has asked problems from NCERT books.

#So, NCERTs are clearly the best publications to commence your IAS practice with.

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Preparation Tips 

Making Notes

#It is beneficial to make quick notes during exam preparation.

#Since the exam syllabus is extremely huge, it assists to maintain track of the percentage covered and moreover serves as a ready-reckoner for preparation and revision.

#You can retain different records or books for different topics. Records are chosen by numerous since they assist in adding remarks to a question easier.

#This is particularly beneficial in the topic of expanding current affairs-related information to a specific theme.

Answer Writing Practice

#The IAS main test sheets are explanatory in nature.

#It is primarily about quizzing your analytical, communicative and critical abilities.

#It stresses you to understand with abstract transparency and regulate your opinions, awareness, and feelings in a flawless way.

#Another aspect to be maintained in sense is the space and time restriction in the answer handout.

#Therefore, aspirants have to answer the problems rapidly and effectively and in the fewest phrases.

UPSC Interview

#As spoken of previously, the ultimate phase in the UPSC exam procedure is the UPSC personality or interview exam.

#This is a crucial phase in the method and here, it is something extra than academics that will assist you.

#You will be evaluated on personalities such as prudent abilities, communication abilities, the existence of intellect, response to pressure, etc.

#You will also be inquired about your curiosities, specialities, schooling and job knowledge if any. So, you retain to brush up on these factors.

Important Government Resources

#Your absolute goal when you are writing the IAS test is to function for the Indian administration.

#We also encircle crucial Gist of Rajya Sabha TV programmes for the exam.

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There are many aspirants who strive day and night to get their dreams to come true and one of them is IAS Gaurav Kumar Singh who has been a role model for many and keeps inspiring. All the UPSC aspirants should have a fixed goal and work towards it, having too many goals and getting mixed up can lead you nowhere and that’s where people fail. One should keep their mind stress free and no tension because these negative thoughts lead you nowhere and can only lead you down the lane, so the aspirants should be confident and always have positive thoughts.

The UPSC Pathshala has always helped motivate and prepare many aspirants in their striving journey. You can also get the right direction and prepare to achieve your desired UPSC rank by enrolling here. So waste no more time and book a free demo class today.

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