Do you want to know the clear difference between IAS and IFS services? Are you an aspirant of civil services and want to fetch out every information related to the IAS and IFS services? Have you ever thought: Can we apply for both IAS and IFS? Well, here is everything that you might have been searching for.

Both the Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and the Indian Forest Service (IFoS) are all-India services. These services come up with recruitments happening through competitive exams. It is conducted by the UPSC. If you are interested in applying for both the exams together, you can fill the application through the official website of the UPSC. Let’s learn more facts about both the prestigious examinations.

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Can We Apply for Both IAS and IFS?

Yes, the candidates can apply for both IAS and IFS exams by filling the application. You must be aware of both of the exams and their eligibility criteria before applying. This article has all the information about both of the examinations. The Prelims exam is the same for both services. This is why the syllabus is similar but the Mains exam has a different syllabus for IAS and IFS.

You should go through the syllabus for both before applying. The candidates must be aware of the education eligibility required for the IFS exam because for IAS any Bachelor’s degree works. You must have a Bachelor’s degree with at least one of the following subjects to apply for IFS.

#. Animal Husbandry

#. Veterinary Science

#. Botany

#. Chemistry

#. Geology

#. Mathematics

#. Statistics

#. Physics

#. Zoology

#. Agriculture, forestry, or engineering.


The difference between both of these great civil services is given below. You will get a clear idea of both the exams. You should go through the information shared below to acknowledge every fact and detail.

#. Both of the exams are conducted by UPSC.

#. Competition is high for both but higher for IFoS because of fewer vacancies.

#. Nationality should be Indian for both and educational eligibility for IAS is that any Graduate can apply but for IFoS, you must have a Science or Engineering Bachelor’s Degree.

#. The age limit for IAS is 21-32 excluding relaxations for reserved communities and 21-32 for IFoS excluding relaxations for reserved communities.

#. The starting post for IAS is Sub-District Magistrate (SDM) while IFoS starts with Divisional Forest Officer (DFO).

#. The highest post for IAS is Cabinet Secretary while IFoS highest post is Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (PCCF).

#. No. of Optionals for IAS is one and IFoS is two.

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Have a Look at the Career Comparison of IFS and IAS Services!

If you want to know the IFS and IAS career options, you should look below. We all know that the IAS has better visibility in India and you must know that great prestige is undoubtedly associated with it. We can not ignore the IFoS as it is also a lucrative career option for those interested in government services. It depends on the choices of individuals to choose a perfect career option by doing hard work. So there are no good or bad traits and choices. It is just the interests in particular fields. Read below to know your career choices.

IAS and IFS Career Opportunities!

#1. Forest services are the best choice for your career if you have an interest in the forest and wildlife spheres.

#2. If you are a multitasker or want to have variety in your work, go for IAS service.

#3. If you are not comfortable residing in strange areas surrounded by forests and wildlife, choose IAS. You can get posted in different locations for multiple services.

#4. If you are attracted towards the social weightage and standing, you must choose IAS as you will get immense prestige and power.

#5. Salary is very significant to think about before applying for any job as it gives the standard of living. Well, both of these exams have great salary benefits.

#6. If you do not want to grapple with poachers and smugglers, do not choose IFS.

#7. Several perks are attached to both of these services but one perk attached to IFS is that you have VIP access to the wildlife sanctuaries and national parks including your family.

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Difference Between IAS and IFS

The IAS and IFS exams are different from each other. The preliminary test is the same for both of the examinations but the mains test has a different syllabus and pattern for both. Millions of candidates apply for both of these tests but the ones who fulfil their dreams are the most hard-working and consistent.

IAS stands for Indian Administrative services where you are posted to different states and are required to manage and handle the administrative authorities and powers. Whereas IFS stands for Indian Forest Services where each candidate is required to work for the state’s forest development. The top positions in the state for the forest department are attained by the IFS servants. Keep preparing for the exams with consistency and dedication.

Which is better IAS or IFS?

Are you searching for the answer to the above question to make your future ravishing and bright? If yes, you must know the prominent factor and vision that neither of the given positions is better than the other. It depends on your interest and choice that you get attracted to any one of these civil services.

An interested candidate can even apply for both of the designations. Both of these are different from each other in handling the sectors. Both require a lot of hard work, perseverance, and determination to succeed.

The similarity is in the Prelims exam and in the fact that for both of these positions, you have to handle the entire area that comes under your power and authority although the sectors are quite different. You are serving the nation with your unending efforts for both exams. So do not take any of these lightly, rather put your best to achieve your desires.

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Information about IAS and IFS

IAS and IFS examinations are conducted under the major government body: Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). While IAS is handling the administrative powers of the area, IFS is prominent for the conservation and maintenance of the forests and wildlife of a particular area or state.

The toppers of IFS hold the most prestigious posts in state forest departments. The eligibility criteria are different for both of these exams. You must apply for the one in which you think you can perform better and have an interest. You should prepare enthusiastically for both and must put your best in doing the effort after getting posted.

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Do you want any more answers to your queries? We hope that you have got the entire updates and knowledge through this one but if you have any further doubts, please clear them by visiting the UPSC Pathshala website. The replies are given there by the professionals so that you get the precise answer to your question. You must choose the right platform for your preparation to touch the skies, so choose this website if you have the dream to become a civil servant or want to serve the nation efficiently.

Lakhs of candidates apply for this reputed exam but only a few fulfil their dreams. This is because of choosing the right direction to walk on your path and guidance which is given by our website. Therefore, to be consistent, well-prepared, knowledgeable, wise, and the best candidate, enrol yourself in the course offered. You can comment below to raise your questions.

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