Combined Civil Services Examination: Things You Need to Know about the Examination

Combined Civil Services Examination

If you are planning to appear for TNPSC exams this article will help you decode what is combined civil services examination? And also help you answer questions like what about negative marks in combined civil services examinations? So let’s get to know the very basics.

Combined Civil Services Examination

So if you wonder what is combined civil services examination? The answer to that is, it is an exam conducted by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission.  There are different combined civil services examination groups.

In total, there are 4 combined civil services examination groups. To answer the question: what about negative marks in combined civil services examinations? There is no negative marking in the exam.

There is only a single exam paper for students to write in the prelims and thus no negative marking for the exam.


As mentioned earlier there are 4 groups for the Combined Civil Services exam.

Many people wonder what is combined civil services examination group-iv? This is an exam for all the services which come under group iv. TNPSC is the only organisation that has an exam for group iv services.

These services are for the Tamil Nadu state administration. There is no interview round for students after group 1.

For group 1 services, there is a prelims exam, a mains exam (which has three exams), and an interview round.

The mains exam is always conducted in only Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu.

Exam Pattern

The first exam is generally the prelims exam. It has 200 questions in the paper and it is objective type questions. The total exam mark is 300. The time duration given to candidates in 3 hours for the complete exam.

The next round is the mains exam. There are three exam papers for the mains. The total of all three papers is 750 marks. Each paper is 250 marks in value. The interview round has another 100 marks.

The mains exam is a descriptive test and for each paper, a duration of 3 hours is allowed again.

Tamil Language

It is not compulsory to write the test in Tamil. Candidates can write the exam in English too. The language exam too has a choice. Instead of testing the ability of the candidate in English, they can test the candidate’s ability in Tamil too. This is based on the choice of the writer.

Each question will be written in both Tamil and English for students to overcome the barrier of language. It is not compulsory to know both languages.

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Eligibility Criteria

In order to write the exam, candidates must ensure they are eligible to appear for the exams.

  • The candidate that is appearing for the exam must be of Indian nationality.
  • The candidates must be graduated and should have a degree from a college that is recognized by the government.
  • The candidates must be at least 20 years old whilst appearing for the exam.

Application Fee

Like every other Public Service Commission, there is an application fee for the exam.

  • An application fee of INR 150 with a validity of 5 years must be paid at the time of registration by the candidates. Once paid, the candidate need not pay for extra attempts.
  • There is an examination fee of INR 100 that is to be paid by candidates appearing for Group-iv exams only.

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Document Verification

After the final exams, once the results are sent, candidates that have been selected need to get their documents verified in order to prove their candidature.  This process cannot be avoided, and if a candidate does not prove his or her candidature, they can be disqualified from the post. After successful verification of documents, the candidate will be given a department and a post to commence their duties.


The Combined Civil Services exam is held by the Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission to take candidates into the state administration.

There are 4 groups of service and every group has a different exam. The Group I services are the toughest to get into. There is a three-round procedure for the group I service whereas a single or two round procedure for the other services.

Like any other Public Service Commission, the TNPSC too applies an application fee to all the candidates.

After the results are given, the important aspect of document verification starts. This process is only for the candidates who managed to get selected. If anyone fails this, they will not be given the post.

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Combined Civil Services Examination: Things You Need to Know about the Examination
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