Prasant Sharma the IAS officer might be well known in recent times. He has been in the news quite often in the past year. This article will serve as Prashant Sharma’s biography. So let’s see his marksheet, strategy, posting and more through this article.

Prashant Sharma Wiki

So let’s look at a few wiki facts about Prashant Sharma.

Prashant Sharma was born on the 27th of September 1987. He is currently 33 years of age. Prashant Sharma had a rank of 29 all over India. His current posting is in Uttar Pradesh, where he is appointed the Special Secretaries in Externally Aided Projects.

Before that, he was a district magistrate in Amethi. He was suspended from the duty as DM of Amethi as he was seen being aggressive towards the family of a victim.

Even though he had his lows, during the lockdown Prashant had started a website to help countrymen fight misinformation on the pandemic.


Prashant had created a website called along with his wife who is a lawyer. The intention of the website is to ensure that no misinformation is spread among people, especially among the under literate society.

This website contains information that is provided by ICMR and WHO. Along with vital and verified information, the website also contains a self-assessment of symptoms.

The website is based in Hindi as it will be easier for more people to go through the website.


As mentioned earlier, Prashant Sharma had a rank of 29 all over India. His marksheet is very impressive. Here are his marks:

Event Marks
Mains exam (out of 2000) 1010
Interview exam (out of 300) 220
Total Marks 1230


To score higher marks in any exam a strategy is a must. Planning is pervasive, meaning it can be applied universally. Creating a strategy first requires you to set a goal.

Your goal has to be your own goal and not based on someone else’s goal. This will allow you to put the right goal and also will improve your ability to achieve those goals.

If you wish to top the exam then you must know that it is very important to work hard too. Setting a goal alone is not enough. The importance of hard work will be very high if you set high goals so always keep that in mind.

Once you have understood your goals, then start to look for all the resources you need to achieve these goals.


If your goal is to become an IAS officer then you will need to focus on studying a lot but if you wish to become an IPS officer, you will have to work on your physical fitness too. Each goal will have a different need, so ensure you get everything that you need in order to achieve those goals.

Create short-term goals along with long-term goals. This is very important whilst creating a timetable as it will help you to achieve more.

Moreover, the number of resources does not ensure better performance. It is quite often noticed that students who use more than 2 sources do not finish studying and cannot revise for the exam. The CSE exam has a very wide syllabus, and the time to prepare may not be sufficient.  It is very important to know the quality of your resources and how helpful they are going to be in your preparation.

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Revising for exams is often not considered as a priority or is not done at all. Students miss out on scoring higher marks as they do not revise enough.

Revision need not only be restricted to doing it before the exam but can also be done on a daily basis.

Students often study for 8 hours every day and the probability to forget information from the 1st hour is very high. Revising your topics will help you to keep that information fresh in your mind. Revising should be given equal importance in your timetable for preparation towards the exam.

These strategies are very general and can be applied by everyone. It is also important to make a strategy that is personalised and suits your needs.

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IAS officer Prashant Sharma has been frequent on the news in recent times. He has started his own website along with his wife for the citizens of the country. His website’s main aim was to cut down misinformation being spread about the COVID-19. The website is designed in Hindi so as to make it easier for the majority of the population to use the website.

People that wish to create positive changes like him will need a strategy for their preparation in the UPSC exam. This article provides a strategy for candidates that wish to write the UPSC exam. All the best!

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