It is crucial to have knowledge regarding the important Committees And Commissions in India for UPSC exam preparations. Questions are always asked from the various commissions and committees in the Indian economy and polity.

There are multiple committees and commissions set up in India with the objective of careful analysis of a problem plaguing the economy at hand. They also plan and provide suitable practical reforms for rectification of the studied problems. To date, many reformative steps have been taken on the recommendations by these committees.

Let us study the various important committees and commissions in India the UPSC can ask you about.

Why Committees and Commissions in India Evolve?

There is a common question that bothers an individual’s mind; one such question is why committees and commissions in India evolve? In order to explore the obstacles to education and propose remediating steps, the government has named numerous committees and committees. These commissions included many important ways of advancing education in general and women in particular. If you are preparing for the UPSC examination, then you should not miss out on the knowledge about what are committees and commissions on education in India? Get the entire list of committees and commissions in India alphabetical wise below.

What are Committees and Commissions on Education in India? 

To bridge the gap between the Indian government and the general issues prevailing all around us committees and commissions are forms. Suggestions made by many committees and commissions have led to big reform in Indian Political history and they continue to do so. Hence it is imperative to have these bodies to have a smooth processing of the Indian system. Each committee is made to fulfil some purpose and it is seen that the aim is achieved for the better for the society as a whole.

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From A to C

Committee And Commission Name Objective
Abhijit Sen Committee 2002, formed to address the formulation of food policy in the long term
Ajit Kumar Committee formed to formulate policies regarding army pay scales
Athreya Committee created to restructure the IDBI
Abid Hussain Committee formed to formulate policies regarding small scale industries
Balwantrai Mehta Committee (1957) created to reform the Panchayati Raj institutions
Bibek Debroy Created to restructure railways
Bhurelal Committee formed to formulate policies on motor vehicle tax
Bimal Jalan Committee formed to make a report on working of the capital market infrastructure institutions (MIIs)
Basel Committee formed for banking supervision
C. Babu Rajiv Committee formed to formulate changes in Ship Act 1908 & Ship Trust Act 1963
C. Rangarajan Committee to assess the methodology for poverty measurement
Chandratre Committee Report (1997) created to address investment management and security analysis
Chandra Shekhar Committee created to study and reform the venture capital
Chore Committee created to analyze the working of the cash credit system

From D to J

Deepak Parekh Committee created for financing infrastructure through the PPP model
Dhanuka Committee created to simplify the transfer rules in security markets
Dave Committee (2000) created to reform the unorganized sector’s pension scheme
Goiporia Committee formed to improve customer service at primary/urban cooperative banks
G. V. Ramakrishna Committee created to formulate policy on disinvestment
Hanumant Rao Committee created to analyze and formulate policy regarding fertilizers
Jankiramanan Committee created to analyze securities transactions
Justice A.K Mathur Commission created to facilitate the 7th Pay Commission
J. R. Varma Committee created to reform the current account carry forward practice
Jj. Irani Committee created to reform the Company Laws

From K to M

K. Kasturirangan created for the purpose of heading the Drafting committee of National Education Policy
Kothari Commission created to analyze and reform the educational sector in India
K V Kamath Panel Created to study MSME sector
K. C. Chakrabarty Committee created to study the financial condition of the Regional Rural Banks
Kelkar Committee (2002) created to reform the tax structure
Khusro Committee created to reform the Agricultural Credit System
Kumar Mangalam Birla Report created to facilitate corporate governance
Khan Working Group created for the development of financial institutions
Lodha committee Created to suggest reforms for cricket in India
Mahajan Committee (1997) created to facilitate the sugar industry
Mb Shah Committee created to scrutinize black money, specifically hoarded abroad
Malhotra Committee created to set a framework of the insurance sector
Mashelkar Committee 2002: created to facilitate the auto fuel policy reform
Marathe Committee formed for a recommendation for the urban co-operative banks
Malegam Committee created for changes in the primary market, and repositioning of UTI
Mckinsey Report created to merge 7 associate banks with SBI
Meera Seth Committee created to support the development of handlooms

From N to R

N.N. Vohra Committee created to analyze the relations (nexus) of politicians with criminals
Narismhan Committee (1991) created to reform the banking sector
Percy Mistry Committee formed to make Mumbai an international financial center
Parekh Committee created to facilitate infrastructure financing
P. J. Nayak Committee formed to study the governance of the board of banks; to examine criteria for selection of their directors and their term
Prasad Panel created to facilitate international trade and services
R V. Gupta Committee created to facilitate reforms in small savings
Raghunath Anant Mashelkar panel Created to review best technologies for Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan
Rangarajan Committee Created to facilitate computerization Of Banking Industry & Public Sector Disinvestment
Rekhi Committee created to facilitate reforms in indirect tax
Radha Krishnan Commission (1948) created to establish the University Grant Commission
Raja Chelliah Committee created to facilitate the tax reforms

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From S to T

S P Talwar Committee created to restructure weak public sector bank
K. Santhanam Committee created to establish CBI
Sarkaria Commission created to facilitate the central-state relationship
Suresh Tendulkar Committee created to redefine the poverty line & its calculation formula
Shah Committee created to reform non-banking financial companies (NBFC)
Sapta Rishi Committee (July 2002) created to facilitate the development of the domestic tea industry
S.N. Verma Committee (1999) created to restructure the commercial banks
Shivraman Committee (1979) created to establish nabard
Sukhamoy Chakravarty Committee created to analyze the functioning of the Indian monetary system
Swaminathan Commission (2004) created to study problems faced by the farmers


Tandon Committee created to analyze the bank’s system of working capital financing
Udesh Kohli Committee created to assess the fund requirement in the power sector
Tarapore Committee (1997) create to form a report on the capital account convertibility

From U to Y

U.K. Sharma Committee created to analyze nabard’s role in RRB
Vasudev Committee created to facilitate nbfc sector reforms
Vaghul Committee created to study the money market in India
Y B Reddy Committee: 2001 created to study the income tax rebates

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To get a good rank in the UPSC examination you have to make sure that you cover each bit of the UPSC syllabus. But you also have to differentiate between what is important and what is not. What concept needs more time and which topics can be just brushed up. To enhance your preparation, book a free demo class with UPSC Pathshala today.

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