The Customs Department’s job is to regulate the import and export of products in order to collect duty and prevent the entry of banned and restricted products. The customs officer maintains that no piracy occurs.

Customs Officer India

In the sections below you will find all the essential details you must know about the Customs Officer India service.

Qualifying Exam: How to Become Customs Officer in India?

Aspirants must pass the Civil Services Exam or Customs Officer Exam in order to become a Customs Officer. The Union Public Service Commission is in charge of it. This Entrance Exam grants admission to 27 separate agencies, including Indian Customs and Central Excise Services. The Civil Service Exam is divided into two sections. They are known as the Preliminary and Main Exams. Those chosen are either sent off to Chennai for training in the duties of the Customs Department or to one of the major areas for training in the Customs Duties Service.\

Eligibility Criteria: Customs Officer Qualification

A Bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement. A customs officer working for the Government of India must be above the age of 19 and have a bachelor’s degree. The candidate must have a grade point average of at least 55 percent in order to apply. The admit cards are distributed depending on the merit obtained at the graduation level. The announcements are distributed in the job newspaper as well as other popular periodicals. The exam is held once a year, but there are several private businesses that sell the same work.

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Customs Officer India Requirements

Age limit 18 years old

Indian citizenship

Must possess a Vehicle license

Ability to work flexible schedules

Have reliable transportation

Should never have used drugs of any kind

Must pass an extensive background check

Must be able to successfully complete all training required for the desired position

Must be able to activate a radio or telephone equipment and console monitors

Display an aptitude to cooperate genially and communicate with the community

Pay Scale: Customs Officer Salary

Rs.5400, Rs.4800, Rs.4600 and Rs.4200 in the scale of pay of Rs 9300 – 34800 in the Pay Band-2.

How to Prepare for Exams and Interviews?

To qualify for the Union Public Service Commission examinations, the applicant must be up to date with all current events. His/her overall awareness must be high. Reading the newspaper on a daily basis would be beneficial. Candidates should be well-versed in English, general knowledge, and basic mathematics, among other topics, since the whole test is focused on these topics and is accompanied by a selection and interview.

What does a Customs Officer Do?

As a customs officer, also known as a surveillance officer, you can collect customs duties and avoid piracy and illicit trading in airports and seaports.

You might have to:

  • Search luggage, vehicles and travellers
  • Check customs documents
  • Question people who have been found with illegal items or goods over the allowance
  • Arrest and charge people
  • Prepare reports and witness statements
  • Take on specialist roles such as dog handling or undercover and surveillance work

You will testify in court if required and collaborate closely with other organisations such as the police and the Home Office.

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What do I need to do to become a Customs Officer?

Normally, you will start as an admin assistant or assistant officer and work your way up to a customs officer or detection officer. It is not uncommon for people to be recruited immediately to the rank of officer.

To enter at the officer level, you would most likely require five GCSEs (A-C), including English and algebra, as well as two A levels or similar qualifications. To join HMRC as an admin assistant, you will usually need 2 GCSEs (A-C), and assistant officer positions will include 5 GCSEs (A-C), including Mathematics and Physics.

If you lack these credentials, you may take a test to demonstrate your talents and abilities in fields such as coordination and communication. Please review the entry conditions for each role.

You may also satisfy the criteria for civil service nationality. Both occupations are available to British residents, and many are still available to Commonwealth citizens and European Union citizens.

Civil Services Preparation Strategies: UPSC Exam

Strategy 1

The syllabus should be thoroughly reviewed. Regardless of previous patterns, no section can be taken for granted. UPSC will favour any portion of the vast syllabus, so it is best to be in the cautious zone. A lesson should be learned from the Ancient India section of the UPSC Prelims 2020.

Strategy 2

Since covering a significant amount of the syllabus, a sufficient number of mock assessments must be attempted. The number of mocks should be manageable. So many exams would sap your precious resources, and too few would leave you exhausted. Mock exams can only be issued in exam-like settings. It will be prudent to participate in just one regular Test Series. Post-test review is a must-do activity. High performance should not be accompanied by elation, and low performance should not be accompanied by annoyance. Simply run the sprint to constantly change yourself.

Strategy 3

The Prelims syllabus is quite extensive and dispersed. More than just exposure, it is critical to consolidate all of the data. As a result, revision should be both fair and timely. A delicate balance is needed in syllabus coverage and revision of protected content. The syllabus should be thoroughly reviewed and prioritised.

Strategy 4

No UPSC syllabus can be protected effectively unless appropriate notes are taken. Notes should be written in the correct format such that aspirants can easily memorise and repeat them. Points should not be too many, and the intent of the notes should always be kept in mind.

The section of the syllabus that is more evidence and evidence-based must be reviewed several times before the test. Such sections should be saved for the final period revision to keep it fresh in the mind.


We hope that all your queries related to Customs Officer Service are solved by now. If you want to try something other than IAS or IPS or IAS, this can be the one for you. We have provided some UPSC strategies on this page to help you out in your preparation.

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