Applicants are accepted to attend LBSNAA four-month foundation course. The academy is assured in research in areas of governance and public administration by several research centres. The academy also conducts several short-duration trainee programmes in various aspects of government and public administration.

Here in this article, you will get to know about what is LBSNAA? The fees for IAS, the training procedure and many more things. Already getting curious? Let’s begin then!

What is LBSNAA? 

LBSNAA also called Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration trains civil servants of the IAS cadre and also conducts the Civil Service Foundation Programme. After the completion of training, trainees are awarded a MA (Public Administration) from Jawaharlal University, New Delhi.


The monthly charges are: (including water, electricity charges)

#Single Occupancy Accommodation: Rs.350 per head.

#Double Occupancy Accommodation: Rs.175 per head.

Note: This will be deducted from the salary advance of OTs.

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LBSNAA: Fees for IAS

The trainee will be paid while they are training in the academy and as for the 2021 census each trainee is paid a stipend of Rs.40,000 while they are being trained by the government.

LBSNAA: Training

The IAS training programme schedule is given below:

  • Foundation Course
  • Phase-I
  • District Training
  • Phase-II
  • Assistant Secretary-ship

Foundation Course

This course lasts from August to December. Selected candidates from Grade A and All India Services get the invite. Bharat Darshan is the study tour for IAS training and is taken for a country tour for 40-45 days. The most important part of the training is visiting different NGOs, Armed services, etc, to meet various district administrations.

The course handbook at LBSNAA explains that the purpose of the tour is  “to expose officer trainees to a wide range of organizations and situations they are going to run into during their careers and also give them a glimpse of the diversity of our cultural heritage.”

Experience during the foundation course is exciting and thrilling for the trainees who would get a chance to line in hotels and simple huts.

Phase 1

In this phase, the IAS trainees again gather for the training for 2 months and this phase is usually held from February to May.

District Training

In May, the IAS trainees get postings into different districts. They get posted as Assistant Collectors and this lasts for about 11 months. This is the first  practice for the IAS trainees to prove themselves.

Phase 2

After the practical posting, the trainees are again gathered at Mussoorie, for 2 months training.

Assistant Secretary-ship

After phase 2 the trainee officers are in New Delhi at different locations under different ministries as Assistant Secretaries. Besides learning, they get to experience the live workings of the Central govt and centre-state coordination. Here is the final step before getting confirmed.


The honourable President of India the successful trainees and they are assigned as the new officers of India.

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LBSNAA: Mussoorie 

#Former name: National Academy of Administration

#Motto: Character is the highest virtue

#Established in 1959

#Director: Dr Sanjeev Chopra, IAS

#Apart from the main campus complex, the academy has 5 more major complexes and 17 other properties around the main complex are also a part of LBSNAA, you would see the LBSNAA logo on many properties and they are a part of the campus, spread over.

#In the beginning, elections are held for posts for heading various clubs and if you are a person of responsibility then you need to carry out activities like organizing events etc.

#There are facilities like horse riding, library, IT services, dispensary, office mess and also facilities for PWD.

The History: Mussoorie LBSNAA

The following is the table showing the timeline of an LBSNAA:



15th April 1958

Home Minister announcement in the Lok Sabha.

13th April 1959

Training of the first batch of officers (115  officers) commences in Metcalfe House

1st September 1959

Academy shifted to Mussoorie at Charleville Hotel.

Inception to 31st August 1970

Academy functions under the Home Ministry.

1st September 1970 to April 1977

Academy functions under the Cabinet Secretariat Affairs Department.

October 1972

The name changed to Lal Bahadur Shastri Academy of Administration.

July 1973

The name changed to Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA).

April 1977 to March 1985

Academy functions under the Home Ministry.

April 1985 till date

Academy functions under the Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions.


NICU was established.


National Society for Promotion of Development Administration, Research and Training (NSDART) established.

3rd November 1992

Inauguration of  Karamshila building.


Softrain, now known as Publication Cell, was established.

9th August 1996

Inauguration of Dhruv Shila and Kalindi Guest House.

14th October 1996

NSDART made Society under the Societies Registration Act, now known as the National Institute of Administrative Research (NIAR).


Buildings Gyanshila, Silverwood and Valley View were built.

21st June 2013

Inauguration of Brahmaputra building.

29th June 2015

Inauguration of Adharshila building.


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LBSNAA journey is an enriching one and can set a milestone in your life. Becoming an IAS officer is itself a dignified job in society and to serve the country is a respectable responsibility. Study hard and be passionate, because this country has given us many things that we didn’t even dream of and making this country proud is in our hands and LBSNAA is always there to support us and produce gems for the country with the right guidance and sophisticated tools which helps all trainees to grow healthy and shape the country’s well being.

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LBSNAA Fees for IAS: Things to Know about the Dignified & Monumental Journey of LBSNAA Training 
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