Which Test Series is Best for UPSC: How to do Online Preparations for IAS 2021?

Which Test Series is Best for UPSC

UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) is India’s Central Recruiting Agency, which conducts various exams like CSE, CSPE, IFS, NDA, etc. For the preparation of these exams, the test series are critical. Students mainly used to join coaching centres for the preparation, some students used to do self-study, and online platforms are also mostly preferable mainly in 2020 due to pandemic. But the most confusing thing is, which is the best test series for clearing the exam.

So here we are mentioning about the best test series for UPSC 2021:

1. UPSC Pathshala

UPSC Pathshala is one of the successful brands of uFaber Edutech Pvt. Ltd, its test series are considered as one of the best test series for exam preparation with good mentorship. UPSC Inception Program is a comprehensive course for cracking the UPSC 2021 exam. They provide quality video lectures on GS, CSAT and current affairs for Prelims and Mains conducted by the best faculties.

Program Mentors Fees
Mentor Led Program 1 to 1 Mentorship INR 65,000
Mentor Led Program 1 to 3 Mentorship INR 35,000
Self Paced Program No Mentor INR 30,000


They also have a mobile app ‘UPSC Guru’ which is free of cost for all users. Users get timely updates of current affairs, daily quizzes, tests, results etc. They also have a section of free tips and motivational articles for the aspirants.

2. Vision IAS, Delhi

VisionIAS is a famous coaching centre for the preparation of IAS exam. It has six more centres all over India: Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Lucknow, Jaipur, and Ahmedabad. They are providing the Prelim cum Mains test series with personal guidance and assessments.

Type Fees (inclusive of all taxes)
Class Programme INR 1,70,000
Live/Online Programme INR 1,25,000

3. IASbaba.com, Delhi & Bangalore

IASbaba is one of the fastest-growing online platforms which provides many courses and is considered as one of the top test series for IAS preparation in online mode and offline mode. AIPTS 2021 is the new course started by them in which test series are available in both Hindi & English.

Type Fees
Online classes Rs 7,999 + 18% GST= Rs 9,440
Offline Classes Rs 5,999 + 18% GST= Rs 7,080

(Prices are the same for both English & Hindi)

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4. MANIFEST IAS, Bangalore

MANIFEST IAS is considered as one of the best coachings for IAS in Bangalore. Every year they come up with several courses. Recently, they are providing an integrated program in which MAINS & Prelims both test series are mentioned. The classes are in both online and offline mode.

Type Fees
Integrated Rs 20,000
Mains Rs 15,000
Prelims Rs 6,000

Mains Test Series 2021-

  • Mains Practice Tests- 27 tests in total
  • Essay 6 (3 of 250 marks and 3 of 125 marks)
  • Ethics 3 (250 marks)
  • GS Sectional 14 (125 marks)
  • GS Revision 4 (250 marks)

Prelims Test Series 2021-

  • Basic NCERT Tests -4
  • Sectional Tests- 14
  • Revision Tests-4
  • Subject wise Revision Test- 4
  • Stimulated Mock Tests- 4
  • CSAT Sectional Tests – 4
  • CSAT Stimulated Tests – 4

5. Chanakya IAS Academy

Chanakya IAS Academy was found in 1993 and it is considered the top IAS Coaching Institute in India. They have 14 chains all over India. Chanakya Academy provides quality guidance and education to the IAS aspirants, with in-class education they also provide online sessions for their students. Retired IAS, IFS, and IPS professionals conduct lectures and share their real-time firsthand experiences with the students. The Academy also conducts special sessions on current affairs.

Test Type No. of Tests Test Description
Foundational Section Test 1-7 Basic and Fundamental knowledge-based questions on the static syllabus
Analytical Subjects Test 8-20 Application-based questions + Current Affairs
Simulated Full-Length Tests Test 21-32 Real pattern and structure of the prelim exam

6. Vajiram & Ravi, Chennai & Delhi

Vajiram & Ravi was founded in 1976 by Professor P. Velayuthum, is the oldest and famous Institute that prepares candidates for Civil Service Examination at all three levels. They come up with various courses every year and students used to secure a position amongst the first ten successful candidates. For the preparation of IAS 2021, you can go through the link below for details and select your course accordingly.


Subject Duration Fees
General Studies (Prelims cum Mains) 36 weeks @ 2.5 hours a day INR 1,60,000
CSAT 12 weeks @ 2 hours per day INR 19,000
Optional Subjects (Duration and fee may vary as per the subject.) 16 weeks @ 2.5 hours a day INR 50,000+


BYJU’S is the most popular online tutoring firm which provides top test series to crack IAS. They conduct live online classes by India’s leading IAS trainers that students can attend as per their convenience. For BYJU’S classes, you can download its application on your mobile devices. Depending on the tablet size, the course fee changes. 10” tablet course costs INR 82,500 and 7” tablet course costs INR 75,000.

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Insights IAS is a well-known online platform that provides the best test series for IAS exam preparation. They offer several courses from which you can select as per your level and preference.

Type Fees
Textbook Based Prelims Test Series 2021 INR 95,000
Integrated Prelims Cum Mains Test Series 2021 INR 34,000

9. Plutus IAS Test Series

Plutus IAS is a unique platform to crack IAS 2021. They provide LIVE classrooms in which students can join from their homes. It is ranked as one of the top IAS online coachings. They have been running this coaching institute for more than 20 years. Their branches are in Delhi, Noida & Bangalore. They are giving study resources like notes, reports, previous year question papers, etc.

Plutus provides the entire package for 11 months including GS, Prelims cum Mains, CSAT, Optional Subjects at INR 1,40,000.

10. Sprint UPSC

Sprint UPSC is again one of the well-known UPSC test preparation platforms for a long time. They provide various study materials for the preparation and even they have free plans for the deserving students but economically weak.

There are three distinct plans depending on the access time period ranging from approximately INR 1000 to INR 7000.


There are so many IAS coaching institutes in India which give test series and resources for IAS exam as well as best test series for prelims UPSC; some are offline (coaching institutes) while some are online platforms and one such platform UPSC Pathshala is one of the best which provides FREE DEMO classes and now they have launched their app UPSC Guru which is totally free of cost. UPSC Pathshala includes everything like courses, sample videos and video classes which help every IAS aspirant for cracking UPSC exam.

UPSC pathshala has numerous blogs & articles that will help you as an aspirant to clear doubts about various subjects. Visit our website to know.

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