IAS Namita Sharma Biography: All about Namita Sharma’s Strategy, Rank, Posting & Family

IAS Namita Sharma

A lot of candidates do not get to their goals of being a civil servant and give up very easily. Are you also losing your hopes? Read this Namita Sharma’s biography, a topper who took 6 attempts at the UPSC CSE and get your required dose of motivation that will certainly boost your preparation. Let’s get started.

Namita Sharma IAS Biography

Namita Sharma had written the UPSC prelims 6 times. She qualified twice. She first qualified in the year 2017 and then in the year 2018.

She had qualified the mains round in both the attempts but did not get recommended marks in the year 2017. The next year, 2018 her fortunes had changed. In her 6th attempt and 2nd attempt for the final round, she made it.

Her current posting is as the Tax Assistant in Central GST. She has also worked in IBM as a software engineer before. She is an engineer by graduation.

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IAS Namita Sharma’s Journey

Namita Sharma’s IAS journey had begun right after she graduated but her initial attempts were not fruitful. She says that she had no idea about the exam until her 4th attempt.

In her 4th attempt, she worked hard but in the wrong direction. She finally had cleared the prelims round in her 5th attempt and failed the overall marking by a very small margin.

It is very important to learn from mistakes and thus it finally did bring change in Namita Sharma’s fate.

Namita Sharma Marksheet

Her only attempt in which she cleared all the way was her 6th attempt. She achieved a rank of 145.

Now let’s look at Namita Sharma’s marksheet for the two years she had cleared the exam.

Event  2017 2018
Mains Exam 817 852
Interview round 179 157
Total Marks 996 1009

These marks show a very small difference but the smallest of differences can make huge changes in the life of an IAS aspirant.

A difference of 13 marks not only helped her clear the exam but get a much better rank. Namita Sharma’s family was very supportive throughout the time.

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Namita Sharma Strategy

You may wonder what strategy she used even though she had failed 5 times. Remember that failure is a step to gaining knowledge and knowledge itself is a success. So let’s look at Namita Sharma’s strategy that she used in her final attempt.

Revise, revise, and keep revising for the exam. It is very important to revise for the exam. This will also boost your confidence in the exam. There is no substitute for revision in the exam. Keep revising thoroughly and ensure you are up to date with the current affairs.

Revision tests, full tests, and sectional tests are very useful. If you do not wish to take sectional tests use revision tests. These will help you to see your weakness and can help you to overcome these weaknesses.

Focus on map reading and revising factual information every day. Look to spend around 15 minutes at least in order to boost your score.

Optional Strategy

Namita’s optional subject was sociology. Let’s look at some tips for the sociology exam.

To get the most detailed and basic information on the subject use NCERT textbooks. They are also available online for free. So use these along with other resources.

Essential Sociology by Nitin Sangwan is a book that is very good for sociology. The book can help the students cover the syllabus in a shorter form.

Previous year papers are going to be your best friend for the exam. Practice at least 10 exam papers from the past, so that you can understand the line of questioning and can also learn how to answer accordingly. These papers will also help you to test your ability and know how good your preparation is going.


Failing the civil service exam is not something candidates wish to do even though it is very common. Failing for many students means the end of the line, but in reality, it is far from true.

Failing is a part of the success and is integral in life. This article serves as the biography of IAS Namita Sharma who had cleared the UPSC exam in her 6th attempt and got a rank of 145. She did not ever give up and kept working on her failures.

She did not think what the society thought about her or even her age; she kept trying until she got to her goal. Her never give up attitude is something all students must aspire for.

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IAS Namita Sharma Biography: All about Namita Sharma’s Strategy, Rank, Posting & Family
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IAS Namita Sharma Biography: All about Namita Sharma’s Strategy, Rank, Posting & Family
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