UPSC civil services exam is considered one of the most reputable and difficult exams in the country. Students often lack motivation and feel stressed while preparing for the exam. This blog gives you an insight into the life of Deepak Rawat IAS Officer, who is an inspiration to every UPSC aspirant. We hope his story gives you ample motivation.

Who is Deepak Rawat?

Deepak Rawat is a firebrand IAS officer from Uttarakhand India. He is one of the most famous IAS officers on social media. Deepak Rawat is known for his rebellious and stern attitude.

As per Rawat wiki, Deepak Rawat belongs to Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. He was born on 24 September 1977. His age is 44 years as of 2021. Coming from a modest family, becoming an IAS officer was never his plan. Instead, he had an interest in collecting scraps like old watches, broken utensils, and much more. His fascination with his hobby became stronger, and he decided to become a scrap dealer in the future.

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IAS Deepak Rawat Biography


Deepak completed his schooling at St.George’s College Barlowganj in Mussoorie. He had an interest in electronic gadgets in his childhood, after completing his graduation in History from Hansraj College, Delhi University. He did his MPhil from JNU itself.

Deepak Rawat met his wife, Vijeta Singh while pursuing his graduation from Hansraj College. Soon after meeting, both fell in love and got married. His wife, Vijeta Singh, is an officer in Judicial services and has been a Metropolitan Magistrate at Patiala House court in Delhi.

College Life

When Deepak was 24, his father stopped giving him money, which is when he started becoming independent. As soon as the JRF results were out, he started getting 8000 rupees as a monthly stipend that helped him to carry out his expenses. However, Deepak always had big dreams.

As he completed his graduation from Hansraj College, Delhi University, his life took a 360-degree turn, he met a lot of Biharis during his college life who were UPSC aspirants. If not for civil services, Deepak would have chosen Journalism as his career. It’s a tradition in Bihar to pursue UPSC; hence Deepak developed an interest in this field.

UPSC Struggle

Deepak did his post-graduation in political science from Jawahar Lal Nehru College. While pursuing his post-graduation, he also started preparing for civil services. Even after his persistent efforts and hard work, he couldn’t crack the UPSC exam in his first two attempts. However, these failures, rather than shaking his determination to become an IAS officer, made him more resilient. He cracked the exam in his third attempt successfully.

After clearing the Civil services exam, he got selected for the IRS and not IAS; therefore, he thoroughly prepared for it again and grabbed the position of IAS that he always desired. He cleared his UPSC exam in the year 2007. After completing his training at Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration, Deepak Rawat became an IAS Officer of Uttarakhand Cadre.

IAS Deepak Rawat Career

In 2007, he passed the UPSC Examination. Deepak Rawat became an AS officer of the Uttarakhand Cadre after completing his training at the Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy of Administration (LBSNAA) in Mussoorie.

He has served the country, particularly the state of Uttarakhand, in various capacities since then. Deepak Rawat has previously held the following positions:

– From 2011 to 2012, District Magistrate Bageshwar, Managing Director of Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam, and from 2014 to 2017, District Magistrate Nainital

– Haridwar District Magistrate in 2017

Deepak Rawat Posting

Designated Posts of Deepak Rawat Officer so far with the respective Years:

#2011: Appointed as the Magistrate Bageshwar.

#2012: Positioned as a Managing Director of Kumaon Mandal Vikas Nigam

#2014- 2017: Deepak Rawat was the Magistrate Nainital.

#2017: He served as the District Magistrate Haridwar.

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Deepak Rawat Current Posting

Rawat’s current posting is in Haridwar as District magistrate. He also has been given the charge of Kumbh Mela Adhikari.

Shri Deepak Rawat (Uttarakhand 2007), who is currently the Kumbh Mela Adhikari and Vice-Chairman of the Haridwar Roorkee Development Authority, has been transferred to the Uttarakhand Govt. as MD-PTCUL, MD-UPCL, and Director-Uttarakhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (UREDA), as of 2021.

Deepak Rawat Salary Package

UPSC is considered one of the most prestigious services in the country. Apart from the powers, an IAS officer enjoys a decent salary package that increases as per his promotion. Deepak Rawat’s salary package as an IAS officer is somewhat between INR 1,44,000-1,82,200 per month.

Deepak Rawat IAS Rank

Rawat ranks 12 all over India. After two failed attempts, Deepak did not lose hope rather he rose from the failure and scored excellently in the last attempt, this reflects his burning desire towards becoming an IAS officer. Deepak is a true inspiration to young minds, especially to those who get disheartened easily.

Some Lesser-known Facts about Deepak Rawat IAS Officer

#Anil Kumar Rathuri, the senior IPS officer of Uttarakhand, has been his neighbour.

#He is the father of two children – a son and a daughter.

#If not for civil services, he would have chosen Journalism as his career.

#Rawat is known for his sudden inspections. Many such videos go viral and attract thousands of people; this is the reason for his popularity on social media.

#Deepak Rawat is a sports enthusiast and also a magnificent singer; he excels in several fields.

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IAS Deepak Rawat Strategy

Difficult Work- Hard work and dedication are two characteristics that all IAS clinchers share, regardless of their educational background, family status, age, or classification. Indeed, IAS clinchers have stated that we made progress because of our hard work and focus, with the support and encouragement of family, companions, and coaches who guided us.

Know the Syllabus – Aspirants preparing for the UPSC Prelims and Mains should be well-versed in the UPSC Prelims and Mains Syllabus. After that, all of the topics were given equal time. To get a good grade on the exam, it’s critical to cover everything.


Applicants need appropriate direction and backup to set up their tests in UPSC planning. The UPSC Personality Test is the most important component of the Civil Services Examination. The Interview is a test of character rather than a test of information.

For their meeting readiness, the majority of the UPSC clinchers sought advice from specialists and coaches. When you’re getting started, look for guides who have already completed qualified tests. They can advise you on the best way to prepare and which subjects are crucial to your plan.

Mock Tests

Regular acts of examination papers, including UPSC Previous Years and Mock Test Question Papers, will allow aspirants to assess their strengths and weaknesses. For their test preparation, all clinchers who qualified for the UPSC exam admitted to using a few establishments or online entrance test preparation programmes.

Mock test papers are important for both the Prelims and the Mains. It enables understudies to correct their errors in the preliminary exams, and it aids in the development of their answer-writing abilities in the main exams.

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Tips to UPSC Candidates

#Concentrate on reading newspapers.

#Make sure you get enough rest.

#A good night’s sleep will help you have more energy and stamina.

#Invest at least 7 to 8 hours per day in your studies.

#Begin with the NCERT textbook, which will help you understand all of the fundamental concepts.

#Make an effort to write answers every day and to write good ones.

#Utilize the assistance of your mentors.

This is a straightforward strategy for you! You can easily succeed in civil service if you follow this simple strategy.

Never Lose Your Confidence

Will your failure cause you to lose sight of your goal? Certainly not if you are truly committed. The UPSC exam is one of the most difficult in India. Every year, tens of thousands of people take the exam in the hopes of achieving the highest possible score.

The exam is bound to be difficult when there is so much competition. As a result, your determination to succeed should be as strong as the exam itself. Allowing failure to cripple your inner strength and confidence is not a good idea. Make it a pillar of future success instead.

Learn from Past Mistakes

It’s critical that you sit down and figure out which of your previous mistakes contributed to your UPSC exam failure. Examine your material selection, IAS optional subjects, study pattern, daily routine for study and other daily activities, as well as your leisure time.

To put it another way, make a change in your entire IAS strategy by making small changes in areas where you believe it may not have been as effective as you thought.

Optional Subject

If you’ve been failing your mains time and time again, it’s time to pick your optional IAS carefully next time. If you believe you have chosen an option that has taken up all of your time and requires a significant amount of effort to prepare.

If it’s a new topic for which you haven’t been able to find adequate study materials, switch it right away. Time is limited, and you must make the most of it during your preparation.

Overcoming the Past Failure

The most important thing is to get out of the pit of self-doubt, hopelessness, and negative vibes that a failed IAS aspirant is surrounded by. Try to remember that everyone who has passed the UPSC exam has done so through a combination of hard work and discipline. With the right study materials and a good strategy.

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Make a New Plan

Once you’ve decided to take the UPSC exam again, make sure you start with a new study plan. It is recommended that you toss out any old IAS study plans, practise copies or newspapers that have accumulated over the months. Begin anew and with renewed vigour.

Solve Test Series

If you are unable to visit the faculty due to a lack of time, you may consider enrolling in a correspondence course or an online coaching class. Enrolling in a test series keeps you on your toes all the time and allows you to make any necessary course corrections ahead of time.

Don’t Lose Your Confidence

After that, prepare for your next attempt as if it will be your last. Make your plans with the end in mind. At no point should you give up hope. Take care not to be discouraged by examples of people who have failed.

If you have a dream, it is your responsibility to nurture it and see it through to the end. Never make the mistake of squandering your leisure time or not making the most of it. Keep in mind that leisure is a time when you can clear your mind. Leave all negative thoughts behind and stay focused on your goal.

IAS Deepak Rawat: Journey as IAS

A video of Rawat went viral on social media in the year 2018. In fact, when Rawat, the DM of Haridwar, went to a village to conduct a surprise inspection, he was surprised to find that electricity had been stolen. When Rawat arrived in the respective village of Haridwar, someone began removing the wire from the pole that had been used for electricity theft.

He had also warned the villagers about the dangers of electricity theft. Before coming to Haridwar, Rawat served as the DM of Nainital. He has also served as the President and CEO of the Kumaun Mandal Development Corporation. Deepak Rawat enjoys sports and music as well.


Every year many students aspire to give the civil services exam; however, the journey is not as smooth as it seems. The process of cracking the UPSC exam is somewhat daunting, especially in the first attempt.

The aspirants having tremendous knowledge and a stronghold over the subjects can crack it. Moreover, when it comes to serving the nation, only a true nation lover can do so.

Deepak Rawat IAS officer is one such true inspiration who cleared the civil services exam with his sheer hard work and diligence. It wasn’t an easy nut to crack for him either, but his determination and persistence outshined his fear.

Keep reading our blogs for more such motivational stories of successful IAS officers and UPSC specific content.

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