Nisha Grewal is a young girl from Bhiwani’s Bamla village in Haryana who became an Indian Administrative Service officer. She cracked the Union Public Service Commission examination CSE 2020 in her very first attempt. She attained All India Rank 51.

So in this article, we will talk more about IAS Nisha Grewal biography which will include everything related to her life and her extremely inspiring journey of becoming an IAS officer by clearing the Civil Service exam and her preparation strategy.

Nisha Grewal Biography

Nisha is from Haryana’s small village called Bamla. She belongs to a middle-class family. Her father’s name is Surender Grewal. He is working as an employee in the Electricity Department. Her mother’s name is Promila Grewal. He is a housewife. The eldest member of the family is her grandfather, his name is Ramphal Singh Grewal he is a retired teacher of Maths subject.

Nisha says that her success credit goes to her grandfather because he motivated her and helped her with the preparation of the Civil Service examination. Indian Administrative Service officer Miss Grewal pursued her high school education from Bhiwani Public School which is situated in Bhiwani.

To pursue further education, she went to Delhi and took admission in Miranda House in Delhi. In 2019, she completed her graduation and pursued BA in Political Science from Delhi University’s Miranda House.

Nisha Grewal IAS Journey

23 years old, Indian Administrative Officer Nisha Grewal from Haryana, cleared the Union Public Service Commission examination on her very first try. Her journey is very motivating. So follow-through.

During Nisha’s final year of college, for ten months she went for coaching in Delhi. Due to the COVID-19 situation, she went back to her native home in Bamla village where she began her Civil Service examination preparation. During her preparation time, she took constant advice from District Commissioner Jaibir Singh which helped her during the time of examination.

Her grandfather was her mentor 24/7. Nisha mentioned during the pandemic period she studied with her grandfather at home. All thanks to her grandfather’s motivation she was able to clear the Civil Service Examination in her very first attempt.

Nisha Grewal Rank

Indian Administrative Service officer Nisha Grewal secured All India Rank 51 in the Union Public Service Commission examination 2020. She brought the glory home in her first attempt. She didn’t let the obstacles demotivate her, she gave her best and cracked the exam.

Nisha Grewal UPSC Marksheet

Indian Administrative Service Officer Nisha Grewal obtained 997 marks in total in the Union Public Service Commission examination 2020. In the written test she attained 818 marks and in the personality test, she secured 179 marks. Given below is the mark sheet.

All India Rank UPSC Mains (Written) Exam Marks Personality Test Marks Total Marks
51 818 179 997

Her Optional Subject

IAS Nisha Grewal’s optional subject was Political Science. She opted for this subject because she pursued her degree in Political Science. So all her basics were clear and she had a good knowledge of the subject. You have to focus on your optional subjects because it creates a huge difference in your final marks.

Choose the optional which you have knowledge about, interest in or studied during your high school time or your graduation. You can also take advice from experts on which optional will be best for you.

Join UPSC Pathshala where experts will examine your performance and help you decide the best optional subject. So that you score good marks in the Civil Service examination.

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Her UPSC CSE Strategy

According to Nisha, the first step is to form a strategy and understand the process, what it is actually about? To understand the syllabus, what the exam demands. It demands dedication from the candidates. The syllabus is very huge so covering the entire syllabus is a lot of work.

Her brother who secured AIR 51 in 2019 guided her throughout the process. He told her to understand the syllabus and try out the previous year papers. So she planned her strategy accordingly. In her final year, she started her preparation. She focused on Political Science and history because she knew it would help her during the examination. She started with the basic books along with that she tried to cover her optional as well.

She built her foundation with basic books like NCERT, Laxmikanta. After that, she practised mock tests which gave her a better view of her preparation. She solved around 350 mock tests for UPSC Prelims.

For Mains, she did answer writing practice and revision is the key to clear this examination. Lastly, she advised the candidates to be optimistic and do not lose hope.

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UPSC Interview

During the interview, Nisha talked about her journey. She said that it is very normal for the candidates to get demotivated during the preparation period. Even she went through the same phase. But that time her family supported her a lot and motivated her not to give up.

She said it’s a fact that your hard work will pay off sooner or later so keep on hustling. There will be doubt in the back of your mind whether you will clear the exam or not, till the time results come out.

Even if you did your best because you can’t predict the outcome, each moment is filled with uncertainty. So what she said after her interview, she started the preparation for the next UPSC examination. She told the candidates to do yoga as it will help in tackling stress. Because stress overpowers you in situations like this.

During the interview Nisha was asked a question, there are many girls from rural areas who have the capability but due to financial background and family they are not able to achieve their dreams, so what do you want to say to those young aspiring girls? She replied that it’s true that everyone doesn’t get equal privilege, there are many people who face extreme challenges.

She said, you can only make it big when you achieve something big. She lived in her small village for 18 years and did all the basic village girl chores from bringing water from the well to cooking food for the family. So she said she enjoyed everything during the hard times because she knew it was just a phase and she learned from it.

So she said as the social mindset is changing the young girls might even get the opportunity as well. Till then we have to educate our society and make India a better place. Everybody should get the opportunity to show their capabilities.

Her Current Posting

The current Posting of IAS Nisha is not yet updated. We will update the details once it is declared. Bookmark UPSC Pathshala to get notified.


You need to have the will to achieve something, it doesn’t matter which background you are from. Indian Administrative Officer Nisha made it clear through her inspiring journey. So keep hustling and don’t let the hurdles bother you, make it your stepping stone towards success. So start your preparation now with UPSC Pathshala. To get all the notifications related to the Union Public Service Commission examination join UPSC Pathshala. Grab all the opportunities coming your way, don’t let it slip off your hands.

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