Ujjwal Kumar is among the officers with a different image in the UP Civil Service due to his calm nature and hard work. The way Ujjwal Kumar did the work in Prayagraj Mahakumbh. The result of that is that for the first time he has been sent as DM in any district.

Ujjwal Kumar’s posting in Maharajganj is being considered as a reward for his work. Originally a resident of Jharkhand, Ujjwal Kumar was born on 24 May 1984. Read on to learn more about Ujjwal Kumar IAS officer and optional subjects in  UPSC.

Dr Ujjwal Kumar Biography

With effect immediately, Dr. Ujjwal Kumar, the Commissioner of the Municipal Corporation of Prayagraj, has been appointed as the District Magistrate of Maharajganj. Amar Nath Upadhyay’s job has been taken up by a 2012-Batch officer (2010-Batch). After the State government dismissed Upadhyay, a sub-divisional magistrate (SDM), a previous SDM, a chief veterinary official, and a veterinary executive for incompetence in cow protection.

He has previously served as the Mayor of Mathura-Vrindavan, the Chief Development Officer of Moradabad and Manipuri, and the Joint Magistrate of Muzaffar Nagar. Dr Kumar, who is from Jharkhand, holds a Master’s degree in Veterinary Science.

His marksheet is not available at the moment. Keep a check on our daily blogs for further updates.

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Ujjwal Kumar IAS 9th Posting

As the ninth posting of the service, he was sent as Municipal Commissioner to Prayagraj on 15 November 2018 before the Kumbh event. He took charge here on 18 November. After 22 years, Prayagraj became an IAS officer as Municipal Commissioner, and his work was also clearly visible. After IAS LR Yadav in 1996, 20 PCS officers were Municipal Commissioners here.

Ujjwal Kumar was sent here by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath to realize the smart city project and for Kumbh. He got the Kumbh Mela done well in January. Gave a good atmosphere to the devotees coming here. Worked to complete the unfinished tasks expeditiously.

Municipal Commissioner Ujjwal Kumar paid special attention to cleanliness during Kumbh Mela and the whole city kept garnering appreciation for cleanliness. Not only this, in August 2019, Prayagraj’s name came in the world record, his style of work was the only one.

Dr Ujjwal Kumar Rank and Current Posting

Dr. Ujjwal Kumar IAS (UP 2012), who is now the D.M. and Collector of Magarajganj, has been elevated to the post of Joint Secretary in the Uttar Pradesh government.

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How Choosing the Right Optional Subject can Help in becoming an IAS like Dr Kumar?

In the mains exam, the optional papers have a total weight of 500 marks, and the higher your score in your optional, the greater your chances of cracking the exam.

Before selecting an optional, an applicant should be aware that the questions in the optional exams are graduate-level, and addressing them necessitates in-depth understanding and study of those areas, consuming a significant amount of a student’s prep time.

As a result, an applicant should select an optional subject that he enjoys reading and can study for hours without becoming bored. Before making the most significant decision of picking an optional, shortlist some of the courses and check over their syllabus and previous five years’ question papers to grasp the mechanics of question-asking patterns.

Top 10 Optional Subjects in UPSC

The accessibility of study materials should be considered while choosing a subject. History, geography, political science, sociology, anthropology, psychology, and public administration all provide a wealth of study materials.

Remember, this is a competition amongst others who have chosen the same subject. Because of the large number of people that take social science exams, getting good grades in these disciplines is quite tough. So, if you are comfortable in a topic with no rushing, you have a decent chance of getting good grades.

# Sociology

# Agriculture

# Medical Science

# Literature

# Anthropology

# Public Administration

# Psychology

# Law

# Geography

# History


Choosing the proper optional topic has a significant impact on your ultimate merit list choices. Many candidates are stumped when it comes to choosing an optional subject.

However, General Studies (GS) is considerably more significant in the current design, as UPSC has eliminated two optional topics and now requires candidates to pick only one. So don’t make this decision right now.

Begin preparing for GS first, and then make this option after some time has passed. To crack the UPSC, you must have a great strategy in your mind. Check out UPSC Pathshala to experience a new way of UPSC learning.

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