Writing the UPSC exam is never an easy task. Yet there are some that manage to do more than everyone. They end up topping the exam.

This article is Anupama Anjali’s biography. Let’s know about her family, strategy, optional and more through this article.

Anupama Anjali IAS Profile

Anupama Anjali had gotten the 386th rank in the UPSC civil service examination 2017. She was around 24 years of age when she had cleared the examination.

Anupama Anjali’s IAS profile shows that her cadre currently is in Andhra Pradesh.

She is currently the sub-collector and SDM of Rajamahendravaram in the East Godavari District.

Her father too is a civil servant. He is an IPS officer who is currently posted in Bhopal. Her family is used to having civil servants.


Her marks were really high and students should take inspiration from her by understanding her strategy for the UPSC exam.

Some strategy points she gave:

  • Write essays frequently. She used to write one essay every month and used to give it to her teachers for correction.
  • Make notes for government publications for current affairs.
  • Books like Yojana and Kurukshetra will help in finding essay topics for everyday practice.
  • Writing in points will be suited for you and the examiner too.


The 2017 topper had given an interview where she talks about her strategy in detail and about her optional subject that was Anthropology. She gives tips for the exam and talks about her exam in detail.

She gives important details in regard to the exam.

These tips are very important as they are firsthand from an experienced writer with


Her Optional subject was Anthropology. She prefers anthropology as it is more theoretical, making it an easier subject than an engineering subject.

She believes that little knowledge about the subject can go a long way in helping answer even the basic exam questions.

Anthropology is the study of what makes humans, humans. In simpler terms, it means the study of humanity, human behaviour and societies of the past and present.

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Exam Tips

Here are some exam tips that can help to score a little higher or even improve the quality of your paper:

  • Whilst preparation itself, make sure you work on writing speed of answers. The lengthy answers need to be given a certain time limit so that you can answer all the questions in time and not lose out on marks.
  • Use simple and direct language. Trying to impress the evaluator with your extensive language skills is not the need for this exam. Look to be direct and make it pleasing for the evaluator to read your paper.
  • Underline keywords and important facts. This shows confidence and the evaluator need not read the whole answer if they find these keywords.
  • Giving a good introduction to answers is very important. Create 3 lines of introduction and give ideas about the topic and then move around your personal view on the topic.

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Current Affairs

Every topper has this one thing in common: giving importance to current affairs. Many times the difference between good and great marks is current affairs.

It is very important to learn from toppers on how they practice for current affairs.

The best and most reliable method is reading the newspaper every day but apart from that, as already stated above, Anupama also used Kurukshetra which is a government published book relating to current affairs.

Current affairs need not be restricted to only newspapers. In this ever-changing world, the way of preparation too can change, especially with technology. Look for videos and blogs for updates on current affairs.


Anupama Anjali is currently the Sub Collector and SDM of Rajamahendravaram in the East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh.

She had cleared the IAS exam in 2017 with an AIR of 386. This sure is a wonderful feat to achieve!

Her strategy to prepare is definitely something students should get inspired from. She is not the only civil servant from her family. Her dad too is a civil servant but is an IPS officer who is posted in Bhopal as of now.

Current affairs is a topic that can decide whether you top or not. Most toppers have the best preparation for current affairs. To cope up with subjects is not the hardest part but to cope up with subjects along with current affairs is not an easy job and those who manage to do it end up topping.

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